Types of Paint That You Can Apply to Your Concrete Floor


After a structure has been erected and has been fully done, one of the few last steps to be done is the paint job. This is usually done with the structure’s vital areas already done but the structure has not been fully furnished yet. So technically doing the flooring requires s finishing touch of a paint job to finalize the whole thing.

And basically, there are different paints that you can apply to your floor. That fully depends on the activity and function that you will have within that structure. It goes without saying that you have to make sure that the paint will corresponding to the utility of the structure. Here are the types of paints that you can apply to your concrete floor.

Commercial Paint

First is the commercial paint this is the go-to product between budget and functionality in terms of building materials. Functionality because it will serve its purpose of having the floor painted, and in terms of budget it really fits because it is not that costly and can be applied by anyone unlike other types of concrete floor paint where there are specialized services that need to be tapped to apply such material. Commonly water-based they still do a fine coat in terms of utility if the area is not heavy on pressure and foot traffic and also it is also aesthetically good if applied properly.

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Industrial Paint

From the name itself, industrial paint is used commonly in industrial sites and areas. There is heavy activity, pressure, and high levels of temperature involved. Thus, it pays to know in advance the function of the structure so that you will know what floor paint you should apply.

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Industrial floor paint is very durable and thus it is what it offers as a utility and that is high resistance to extreme pressure and movement. This means that the paint will not chip off or fade even. With the presence of high activity and high pressure in the area. Those are the very characteristics of an industrial site. You also need to have a specialist paint contractor in order to have this paint applied. Because it is not a simple operation to do. And also, it costs a little more than regular paint because of its features.

Epoxy Coating

One of the newest forms of floor paint would be epoxy flooring. Among all the flooring this one is the most aesthetically pleasing. The most difficult to apply not to mention the costliest among the other floor paints. Epoxy floor coats are great. Especially in reception areas of buildings. Because of their high durability and resistance against abrasions and corrosion. The only downside to this is that when it gets wet the floor gets too slippery and it also needs constant cleaning.

Each of these types of floor paints offers unique benefits and holds distinct features that will surely serve the purpose that you have for that structure you have built. Taking the time to consider which one you will use is a wise move considering that having miscalculations. It will most likely cost you more with your building project.

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