How to use a laser level outdoors

laser level outdoors

If you are a fencer or surveyor, then you probably know about the struggles of working outdoors, even when the weather is lovely. If you have ever tried to use a laser level outside, then you know how difficult it can be to see a laser beam on a bright sunny day. The better the weather is, the harder it is to see the level lines of your laser level. So, here we will look at three solutions to the visibility issues of a laser level being used outdoors.


A simple but less effective answer to the problem of seeing the beam of a laser level on a bright sunny day is don’t try it. Schedule the job at a time when it is not so bright out or use shade as much as possible, but of course, sometimes that just isn’t possible. So then, it’s time to use one of the other two options.


The easiest option is the glasses. They take no skill to use, no time to prepare, and work instantly. By wearing the correct colour glasses, you can cut out the brightness and glare of the surrounding colours and you are able to see the laser line.

Laser detector

Although not the cheapest of the choices, the laser detector is a great option for seeing laser level beams. Unlike the glasses though, they do take a little setting up, but don’t worry, you don’t need a degree to work it out. All you need to do is go where the laser level beam is being projected to and place your laser detector in line with it. As soon as you do, the detector will alert you and then you just need to secure the detector in place until you can set a stringline or mark the level line.

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The quality of your laser level may influence the accuracy of the machine but it does not stop the visibility issues of a laser beam on a sunny day. However, getting quality advice on whether glasses or laser detector will work best for you and your needs. It may depend on the type of laser level you own and what you need it to do, whether you need the beam to travel a distance or only I few metres. We recommend you get more information on laser levels, laser detectors, and coloured glasses from the experts at RS. They have years of experience and a reputation for offering quality products and service.

When its not as simple as rearranging your day to suit the weather, just to make it easy to see the beam of your laser level, the you will need assistance. That help can come in two ways, either with coloured glasses that make the laser beam visible or with a laser detector that picks up where the beam is landing. Whichever method you choose to use, remember the team at RS are there for you ready to answer your laser level questions.

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