Marble decor: how to bring marble into your interior?

How to integrate marble decor into your interior? Our interior designer Constance presents some ideas for adding marble decoration to your interior. Indeed, the marble decoration very trendy at the moment, brings cachet to your interior. Robust material, it lasts over time while remaining timeless.

How to integrate marble decor into your interior?

Our interior designer Constance presents some ideas for adding marble decoration to your interior. Indeed, the marble decoration very trendy at the moment, brings cachet to your interior. Robust material, it lasts over time while remaining timeless.

However, it can be difficult to adapt these decorative objects to the style of your interior.

So let’s discover Constance’s decorating ideas to help you integrate marble decor into your interior.

IDEA N°1: a marble decoration from the floor to the walls

The marble decoration is an integral part of contemporary decoration. Elegant and design, a marble floor can totally dress up a room to change its style. Timeless, a marble floor adapts to many styles of decoration. For a bright room, choose a white marble that will enlarge the space. Indeed, the white marble brings shine and sparkle to the room. With more or less marbling, you can create variations and shades of white.

Black marble is also very pretty for a floor. However, it must be combined with furniture and decoration in light tones so as not to create an overly busy space.

Finally, a bathroom can easily accommodate a marble floor which is easy to maintain and very resistant.

Regarding the walls, the marble decor is also very trendy. Indeed, easy to maintain and bright, marble brings character to a room.

Marble on the wall is often used in kitchens and bathrooms. Unlike paint, marble is resistant to water and the vagaries of everyday life. Often used as a splashback in a kitchen, the marble on the wall can also delimit a shower area.

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IDEA N°2: Pretty marble decorative objects

First of all, decorative marble storage is a good way to combine functionality and decoration. Small storage boxes, pencil holders or even tissue boxes, there are many small decorative objects to place everywhere in your interior for a modern and timeless style.

For a contemporary style, our decorator advises you to add a pretty marble clock to your living room. Design wall decorations are also a nice way to dress up your walls for a style that is as contemporary as it is timeless!

A marble decoration for the kitchen

The kitchen is a space in which marble is very often present.

First of all, marble tableware is widespread. Resistant and easy to maintain, you can find different kinds of plates, bowls, mugs or salad bowls. You can vary the marble colors to bring originality to your decoration. For example, pair white marble dinner plates with black marble dessert plates to bring contrast and depth.

Marble is known to resist heat, which is why you can find marble trivets that will go very well with your dishes. There is also any form of salad dish or cake stand to complete your marble decoration in your kitchen.

Finally, for a touch of floral decoration, opt for pretty marble vases. Of all shapes and sizes, marble vases bring freshness to your bouquet.

IDEA N°3: A marble worktop for your kitchens and bathrooms

The kitchen

The kitchen worktop is an element that should not be overlooked. Used on a daily basis, it must be functional and resistant. That’s why a marble worktop is perfectly suited for daily kitchen use. Easy to maintain, just choose a shiny marble and there will be less stains on your worktop.

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Heat resistant, you won’t have to worry about leaving a hot pan too long on your marble countertop.

Unlike the floor, you have more freedom regarding the color of the marble for your worktop. Indeed, it will bring character to your interior, without having an impact on the aesthetics or the size of the room. This is why a dark colored marble worktop can provide a nice contrast to light colored kitchens.

For your bathroom, the marble worktop is also very modern. Always easy to maintain, it will adapt better to splashes of water or traces of soap.

A black marble can bring a lot of originality to your bathroom. Indeed, many bathrooms are in white or light tones. Dare black marble for your bathroom worktop for the pleasure of your eyes!

IDEA N°4: Marble furniture

marble dining table can be the centerpiece of your living room. Marble top or fully marbled table, your table will impose a nice style on your interior to become an integral part of the room. Very heavy and robust, your marble table is timeless and can follow you for many years to dress up your interior.

For a softer touch, marble coffee tables are also pretty decorative objects. Many shapes and many sizes, you can combine them to create marble color variation. The trend at the moment is the marble table with golden brass legs to bring finesse and lightness to the furniture.

Black marble sinks are very trendy right now. Simple and rectangular or even round, there are many types of basins that will certainly adapt to your bathroom or your kitchen. A marble sink, whether black or white, brings a lot of modernity to your bathroom.

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For a successful marble decoration in your interior, you can add a pretty mirror with marble outlines to enhance a bedroom, a bathroom or even an entrance. A marble mirror can be preserved and span the ages without going out of fashion.

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