What Is The Role Of Tractors In Indian Agriculture?

role of tractors in Indian agriculture

In order to answer the question of what is the role of tractors in Indian agriculture? We must first comprehend what tractor farming involves. Tractor farming is the use of farm tractors on an agricultural operation to improve efficiency and profitability, with higher crop yields and reduced costs. Tractors are not only used to plough the land, but they can also be used as a way to automate other tasks, including planting seeds and harvesting crops. That is why farmers are keen to purchase tractors from top tractor company in India.

Following are the roles of tractors:

Getting a Good Yield

There’s no denying that tractors play a huge role in agricultural development. They make farming easier, faster and more efficient by allowing farmers to do jobs like ploughing, cultivating and seeding without manual labour. Tractors can bring significant increases to crop yields. Some studies have shown that using tractors for land preparation can increase yields by up to 20 percent.

Time Saving

Small-scale farmers are faced with a major challenge, they often have to spend several hours each day working on their fields. With tractors, farmers can reap crops much faster and more efficiently than when they work by hand. This saves them time, which allows them to focus on other tasks as well as provide for their families. In addition, tractors allow farmers to work during nighttime hours or in bad weather conditions such as heavy rain or flooding.

Save Money

The biggest benefit of tractors in Indian agriculture is that they allow farmers to save money, primarily by cutting back on manpower. Small farmers usually cannot afford hired labour, which means they end up spending hours working long days on their farms, tractors can cut back on these long workdays while still doing a good job. Additionally, tractors are very cost-effective machines and can last for decades—meaning they will only get cheaper as time goes on.

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The role of tractors in Indian agriculture

In India, tractors are used for ploughing and harvesting. With climate change bringing about new challenges, small farmers have had to use tractors. The role of tractors in agriculture is increasing over time with commercial farmers and owners with smaller landholdings increasingly using tractors for tillage, crop production, planting and harvesting. It also reduces or eliminates manual labour which leads to increased efficiency and productivity. These advantages encourage farmers to buy tractors even if they do not own large tracts of land.

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