Step by Step Guide to Fitting Private Number Plates

3d gel number plates

Introduction: Okay, so you’ve been thinking about getting a private number plate for your car, but you’re not sure where to begin. What is a private number plate? Why would I want one? How do I go about getting one? Will my car still be legal to drive on the roads? Do I have to change my license plates? And what in the world is a 3d Gel number plates legal???

These are all questions you’ve probably asked yourself (and some you probably haven’t even thought of yet!). And that’s why we’re here. To answer all your questions and more!

Why wouldn’t it be? You can have any kind of private number plate you want. Just make sure you have the right certificate that proves it’s yours. Now see our guide on how to get a certificate of entitlement here!

What Can I Do with a 3D Gel Number Plate?

The most popular use for custom plates like this is simply to add some spice to your car’s appearance. The gel makes the lettering on your plate pop and appears much larger than it actually is, which can help make sure people notice your license plate from across the street or freeway. 

It’s also helpful if you want to put some finishing touches on an older car that might be showing its age. If the paint job isn’t holding up too well, consider putting on a new set of plates so your ride looks as good as new—at least from behind!

Step by step guide to fitting private number plates

Practical and straightforward

If you’re here, you’ve probably heard the news: 3D Gel Number Plates are now legal in the UK. let’s start with the basics.

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So, you’ve got a brand-new private number plate, and it’s time to fit it into your car. What do you do? Here’s a simple guide to the process.

  1. Get the right and suitable tools for the job. You’ll need a screwdriver, paper towels, and a little soap and water.
  2. It’s best to work in a clean area with good lighting so that you can try to ensure there are no nicks or scratches on your plate.
  3. Remove the old plates from your vehicle and set them aside. Make sure you keep them safe as you may need them later – even if you sell out your vehicle, the buyer may want to switch back to the original number plate.
  4. Wipe down both new and old plates with soapy water and dry thoroughly before fitting them to your vehicle. This will remove any potential dirt or dust from the surface of the plate that could scratch it when fitting it onto your car.
  5. Next, place the new plates on one side of your vehicle at a time (either front or back) and use a screwdriver to fit them securely into place. If they feel loose or move around easily, then try tightening up each bolt one by one until it feels right

Private number plates are the best way to make your car stand out. But before you start browsing for a new personalized number plate, there are a few things you should know.

What is a 3d Number Plate?

3D Number Plates are a type of number plate where the letters and numbers are made from a special gel that has been applied to the acrylic surface. The gel is usually applied in a thick layer over the entire area of the acrylic surface, including any spaces between characters. It is then cured with UV light so that it becomes clear and hard but still flexible. 3D Number Plates can be made by anyone who has access to an inkjet printer and access to UV light sources. They are not legal in any state or country, but they can be used as a novelty item if they are properly mounted on your vehicle’s bumpers or license plate frames.

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Is 3d Number Plate Legal?

3D number plates are not legal in any state or country because they do not meet federal and state requirements for vehicle identification markings (VIM). The VIM is required by law to be visible during daylight hours and must be printed on reflective material

 What are private number plates?

Private number plates are the things that normal people call “license plates”. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a serious car lover (or are at least in the market to become one). You’ve probably already dressed up your ride with a few choice accessories, but what’s left to do?

Well, we have the answer: the 3D gel number plate. The 3D gel number plate is just what it sounds like: a standard number plate that has been coated in three-dimensional gel to make it stand out. And, thanks to its versatility, you can use it for a variety of purposes!

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