Facts You Should Know Before Applying For A HRD Attestation

applying for a HRD Attestation

HRD or Human Resource Department are govt. officials responsible to verify and authenticate the degree/diploma issued within the limits of a particular state. To perform the document verification, every state has its own HRD Section. Getting HRD Attestation done on a degree/diploma is considered a pre-requisite requirement before going ahead with a visa process. Grabbing a job opportunity or securing admission to higher studies in abroad is becoming the main purpose to get the HRD Attestation services done on educational certificates by the applicant. 

Why State HRD Attestation is required? 

If you have received a job offer overseas or if you are planning to pursue your further studies abroad, you are supposed to apply for a visa. The purpose of verification can vary but the foremost purpose of availing state HRD Attestation services is to secure a job or to get admitted to higher studies in overseas. To furnish your visa requirements, there exists a list of documents to be compiled with. According to your exact purpose of travel, you will have to get your degree, diploma, or transcripts done with HRD Attestation services.

Which documents are accepted for state HRD Attestation Services in India? 

While applying for HRD attestation, it becomes mandatory to understand the parameters to follow so that process can go smoothly and accurately. The following points can be kept in mind while applying for an HRD attestation in India

  1.   The degree or diploma seeking HRD Attestation Services should be issued from a valid university/institution/board affiliated with UGC/AICTE/NAAC in India. Applicants may go through the list given on https://www.ugc.ac.in/privatuniversity.aspx to have a quick check on the affiliation of their respective universities. 
  2. The HRD Dept. only accepts course which is done with a minimum duration of 2 years in India. 
  3. While applying for HRD attestation services, applicants need to make sure that the concerned university/board or institution is not valid from its affiliated body. 
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What is the process of getting an HRD Attestation in India? 

State HRD authority is responsible to carry out the entire process of the HRD section in a related province. Let’s understand the chain followed by the officials to validate your degree certificate: 

  • University Verification: Once you submit the original degree/diploma to the regional state HRD section. The dept. sends a copy of your certificate along with related mark sheets to the respective university.  The university checks on the academic records of the applicant and This process generally takes a minimum timespan of 15-20 working days. 
  • Document Authentication: Upon receiving a confirmation on verification, the HRD section puts an authentication stamp at the backside of the document promising its validity across the world. 

How to apply for HRD Attestation? 

As mentioned earlier, every state has its own state HRD section. For example, if a document is issued from the University Of Delhi, then it will go for Delhi HRD attestation Services

To make your HRD attestation process simpler, you may contact local attestation consultants providing services like Delhi HRD Attestation or Kerala HRD Attestation in India. 

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