How to store your items using cardboard boxes

Storage is a big issue for any family. The trouble of storing things and keeping them damage-free can be stressful, especially when you have a big family. While most people use plastic bins to store unused items, it isn’t a sustainable option.

The good thing is you can use cardboard boxes to hoard a variety of belongings in your home. These boxes are cheap, you get most of them as online deliveries. Most importantly, these cardboard packing boxes are one of the best sustainable products on the market. So, a cost-efficient and eco-friendly solution to your storing problems.

What factors should you consider?

Given the fact that cardboard boxes are made of paper, there are a few factors you should consider before storing things in them.

Items to store:

If you are planning to store your fancy China dinner set, we suggest using bubble wrap. This will ensure that the fragile items don’t break.

Many people use cheap storage boxes as a pantry. But if the spices or herbs tend to absorb odour, it is better to seal them in a proper air-tight spice container before putting them in a cardboard box.

Where to store:

The best option is to go for a cool and dry place to store your items. You don’t want to put cardboard moving boxes in a damp place by outside shade. They will get ruined by high moisture, water damage and bacteria.


A lot of us store items we use occasionally in a place where you can’t get easy access. While this is a good idea if you are storing Christmas decorations, it also comes with risks.

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Inaccessibility also means you won’t remember to check in on your belongings often. Keeping valuable things like photo albums and heirlooms out of reach means you won’t know if there is a problem.

How to store cardboard boxes correctly?

Maintaining the area

Keeping storage boxes on the ground will make them weak. Instead, store the boxes on a rack, high above the ground. Keep the place clean and dry. Moisture is the arch-enemy of cardboard packaging boxes.

Store in the order of weight

Usually, we stack empty boxes. But for the boxes which carry things like books, seasonal clothes, and other stuff, store them according to their size and weight.

So, the clothes will go on top and books will be at the bottom. Store heavy items on the bottom shelf of the rack.

Keep the boxes in a controlled environment

Keeping storage boxes in an environment that isn’t too humid will keep them stronger for a long time. It isn’t possible for us to always have a climate-controlled environment, especially in a house. But you can try to keep them inside a cupboard that is dry and far from the kitchen or the bathroom.

Opt for indoor spaces instead of outdoors

The thing with storing cardboard storage boxes in a garage or outside shed is that they can get destroyed by rain or storm. If you keep the boxes in an attic, they will be safe from moisture damage. However, keep in mind that roof leaks can cause water to seep through the cracks. It can ruin the boxes.

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Don’t forget to label the boxes

If you are planning to store multiple things like old books, trophies, gifts, extra bedding, and clothes inside these cardboard boxes, make sure to categorise and label them.

Trust us, this will make things easier when you are trying to find things in a storage cupboard. You don’t want to keep Christmas decorations and clothes in the same box. Those glitters can ruin your clothes.

Use a marker to label every box so you know what to find where.

Mix different sizes of boxes to maximise

You want to maximise the use of space as much as possible. An efficient way to do this is by using different sizes of cardboard packaging boxes. If you don’t have them, we at Globe Packaging have an excellent range of cheap storage cardboard boxes.

Use the large ones to store beddings, winter clothes, etc. They will be easier to carry around. Use medium and small size boxes for books, photo albums, décor, etc.


What do you use cardboard boxes for? Let us know in the comments below!

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