Why You Should Hire a Professional Environmental Consultant?


When starting a new project, it may sound easy to get an environmental assessment done on the site by yourself. However, not many are aware of the varying environmental regulations to be followed by a company, irrespective of their industry or location. And if you feel you are not fully aware of these regulations, you may want to hire a professional environmental consultant in Edmonton to help you out. And here are some reasons to help you reinforce that idea.

You want to avoid penalties associated with environmental regulations

Not adhering to environmental regulations can put you in all sorts of trouble with the law. To avoid penalties for not conforming to these regulations, you would need to be proactive and stay abreast of such issues even before they may occur, failing which you would need to incur more expensive issues later on. For instance, continued failure to adhere to environmental regulations would lead to repetitive fines and then cancellation of license or closure of business later.

An environmental consultant is a perfect person to keep reminding you about the environmental regulations you need to follow. A professional consultant will also help you pass through quality checks and inspections, thereby helping you avoid expensive penalties that could be potentially harmful to your reputation.

You have a vision to go green but don’t know how to proceed

With more and more companies jumping onto the “Go Green” bandwagon, it is only reasonable that you would want your project to be sustainable and eco-friendly. However, going green is easier said than done. For, many procedures go into creating a sustainable project, most of which you may have little or no idea of.

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A professional environmental consultant in Edmonton will help gather all the necessary information needed in the process of going green. The consultant would also work with you to establish the basic principles upon which your company will function, thereby projecting you as an environmentally responsible company.

You are not sure of the environmental regulations your business has to adhere to

You may consider it easy to adhere to the environmental regulations that apply to your business. But identifying the regulations that apply to you is like finding needles in a haystack. There are countless environmental regulations out there classified into multiple categories based on the location, industry and so on. The regulations would also change at the state, local, regional and county levels.

Most, if not all, of these regulations also come with their fair share of dos and don’ts in terms of qualifications, stipulations and caveats. As such, it would become hard for you to find the right list of environmental regulations to adhere to.

This is where professional environmental consultants come to your rescue. As trained and experienced professionals, these consultants have the necessary expertise in identifying the environmental regulations your company needs to follow, right down to the micro-level. This way, you can rest assured of complying with all regulations before starting your business.

You are not able to understand the environmental regulations you need to follow

Let’s say you do know all the environmental regulations you need to follow. However, knowing these regulations and understanding them in-depth are two different things. There are numerous regulatory terms used in these regulations that might sound foreign or confusing to you. Unless you know about environmental regulatory language in depth, you would find it hard to understand the terms mentioned in these regulations.

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This is where an environmental consultant comes can help you out again. Certified environmental consultants not only know how to read, understand and translate lengthy environmental regulations but also guide you in making the right decisions and thus, make your business more environmentally compliant.

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You have already got into trouble with the regulators and need help

Ok, so you are in a sticky situation, having a run-in with the regulators owing to non-compliance with the environmental regulations you need to follow. You face thousands of dollars in penalties and your reputation as a trustworthy business is at stake. What would you do in this situation?

While the plausible explanation would be to handle the issue yourself and try to talk it out with the regulators, chances are your talks may not bear fruit owing to differences between both parties. In this case, your best option would be to hire an environmental consultant who can represent your firm and negotiate with the regulators to get your business back on track.

From creating environmental compliance plans and training employees to follow environmental regulations to offering expert advice as and when an environmental issue crops up, an environmental consultant will be by your side throughout the process of working with the regulators to clear your name and help you regain your reputation.

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