kumara parvatha trek


The western ghats offer an abundance of trekking tracks for you to explore, these sites are not much known amongst many people but for many explorers and travelers these trek spots are the best trekking hubs. You may find treks in accordance to your preferences of difficulty level. The sahyadri hills ranging from Gujarat to Tamil nadu that are suitable for mesmerizing trekking expeditions.


 This peak does not ever experience snowfall despite being the highest in the western India as it is located in a subtropical region but still is an astonishing treat for the travelers and trekkers. It is all covered with evergreen forests and meandering rivers all around making it a great visual treat. It is two hours ahead of the Eravikulam National park to the peak, throwing challenges at every new turn and providing captivating trails for travel enthusiasts. Besides the main trail you may witness the beauty in a variety of flora and fauna in the beautiful Eravikulam park , also tea gardens and various picnic spots are other highlights of this amazing location.

The best time to plan a trek at the Anamudi hills is the winter and the spring season when the temperature is cool and pleasant. The hills become even more fascinating in the spring season as the flora and fauna blooms and all the colors are just at their best to enhance the beauty of the mountains. 



The kudremukh trek is the most beautiful trail amongst all the treks in the western ghats. It is located in the heart of the western ghats in chikkamagaluru district and insides in the Kudremukh National park. The park has one of the largest varieties of plants and animals in the country. Trekking at such a mesmerizing view point is just ideal for instagrammers and travelers. In order to reach the Kudremukh peak you have to cross the Shola forest. The forest is home to many wildlife and if you are lucky enough, you may get to see them during your journey. Another exciting element of the forest walk is the small water streams and waterfalls that just add more to the thrill of your trek.

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This peak is famous as the highest peak in Maharashtra for trekking. It commands a beautiful view being situated in the Sahyadri range in Kalsubai harishchandragad wildlife sanctuary. As it is the most renowned and even a very difficult trail to trek on, many efforts have been initiated to make this trek easy. The trek is almost 6.6 kms long and  enables you to experience grasslands, mesmerizing scenic beauty and various waterfalls. When you reach the peak, you would see an astonishing view of several mountains and forts. The best time to visit the Kalsubai is between November and April which is almost the winter and spring season as all the  activities and adventures may be performed with great ease in this duration. This place is also famous for exotic night treks which are all together a jaw dropping experience for beginners as well as amateurs.


situated in the lush green forests of Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary and is one of the most famous treks you would know in the western ghats and specifically in Karnataka. It is the most loved trek as it offers a variety of views, activities and adventures at camp. 

All the above mentioned treks have their own highlights and experiences that are captivating and worth going. One must typically look at his/her personal requirements from the trek. These places are popular as they indeed have a lot to offer to its visitors. All these breathtaking mountains, combinations of graceful waterfalls, dense forests, lush greenery, and a lot more are totally worth it for a one in a lifetime experience.

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