How to plan a visit to Andaman and Nicrobar islands

andaman and nicobar


The Enchanted archipelago of Andaman could also be a dream destination of most tourists worldwide. Rich history and culture, serene shores, verdant forests, many water activities, spellbinding nature, and many other aspects of Andaman Islands are sure to fascinate you to plan an excursion to Andaman. However, the travel budget could also be a matter of concern for several tourists. And, if you’ve an honest budget which you think that’s pulling your leg while planning holidays to Andaman, then think no further. Read on to hunt out some helpful tips to plan and luxuriate during a budget-friendly Andaman trip.


  1. Plan beforehand

Planning your Andaman holidays well beforehand could also be a key to enjoy a budget-friendly trip. Scheduling and booking your flights, hotels, and other aspects of the tour beforehand is certain to help you create good savings and acquire the advantage of discount offers. If you’re planning a quick trip, it’s better to spend a minimum of two nights in Port Blair and 1 night at Havelock. Also, make a listing of destinations to travel to and interesting, enjoyable things to undertake in Andaman. Honest research can assist you discover some economical ways to explore Andaman.

  1. Finalise Air or Sea Travel Carefully

If you’re planning a budget trip to Andaman for many days, then travelling a minimum of a way via ship can reduce your trip expenses and assist you observe savings. If you are going for aviation , book your flights many months beforehand with discount deals.

  1. Choose Economical conveyance

When you are touring through Andaman, it is better to travel via bus and other economical touring options that are efficient yet won’t cost a fortune. You will find that taxi travel is really expensive so it is recommended to choose the buses.

  1. choose Budget Accommodation

Choose economical accommodation options. If you will book the hotels in the locations which are less commercialised then it will cost you less. Also, hotels and good rest houses with basic amenities can assist your economy . Booking Andaman packages of an honest travel company beforehand can definitely assist you get the only accommodation deals and discounts.

  1. List Places to travel to In Andaman

Listing down various attractions to travel to in Andaman beforehand can prove economical. confirm you’ve Port Blair, Havelock Island, Baratang Island, Neil Island, and Jolly Buoy Island on your list.

  1. Enjoy Budget-Friendly Activities

Water sports and activities are inevitably a part of Andaman tourism. There are some activities which are filled with fun which you can’t keep aside and want to enjoy them are:

  • Kayaking: celebrate invading the water at Havelock Island.
  • Trekking: When you are in Baratang Island you can trek to Limestone Caves
  • Fishing: You can aslo plan a fishing tour to Cinque Island.
  • Underwater Activities: Snorkelling at Elephant Beach, sea walking at North Bay Island, and skin-dive at Havelock Island won’t cost you tons .
  • Coral Safari: If you’re travelling with kids, choose Coral Safari Semi Submarine.
  • Birdwatching: Visit Chidiya Tapu to identify lovely birds.
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Timings and rules of the places:

You have to follow some specific rules at several places in Andaman like you are prohibited from taking photos inside the airport and many more.

Moreover, the closing times of several places are at 5 PM and one has to book the boat before that to travel away from the island. For Example: In Ross Island, the last boat leaves at 5 PM, after which there is no due revisit to your hotel and there is no accommodation provided on the island itself.

Therefore, it’s better to pre-book all tickets.

So, just pack your bags, book one of the budget-friendly Andaman packages with SOTC holidays, and head to spend an exciting vacation.


Tickets and permits are required to travel to specific places, which can be taken by visiting the respective office of the controller. This cannot be booked online.

Things to remain with you when planning a visit to Andaman by Yourself:

Your Identity Proof

  • Passport-
  • Offline Map of Andaman
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Bus Timings Schedule
  • Cab Driver’s Number
  • Ferry Schedule
  • Ferry Ticketing Locations
  • Procedure to urge Permits

There are several belongings you bought to think about supported what you’ve in mind, including:

Type of Hotels

Preferred length of stay

Islands you’ll visit


Reaching by flight or ship

So, just pack your bags, book one of the budget-friendly Andaman packages with SOTC holidays, and head to spend an exciting vacation

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