Step-By-Step Guide for Removing Old Stain from the Carpet

Stain removal from the Carpet

Most people shift the furniture for hiding the carpet stain. However, how you feel on rediscovering that age-old forgotten stain post rearranging the furniture after some years? In fact clear carpet accumulates bacteria, dust and dirt which routine vacuuming cannot remove completely.

You may think to throw off the entire piece and get hardwood flooring. Fortunately, restoration of carpet is possible using right technique and products. You can use pantry ingredients to deal with them. Read on this blog to know how!

Hack to remove old stains from the carpet

If you think that an oldest carpet stain becomes easy to clean than old one then you are wrong. Set-in carpet stains are really tough to clean whether it is in home or laundry. So, primarily you have to rehydrate the stain. Then only, cleaning becomes easy as you are actually thinking.

Stain removing right away from the carpet

Despite of the age of any stain, you must remain adhere to some don’ts and do’s. Never ever scrub the stain on the carpet as it makes it to seep deep down into carpet fibres staining the pad. Always blot up the stain using a clean cloth piece. Always try to use white towel otherwise then it results in extra dyeing the piece by transferring it from carpet.

Even you should work from outside in. When you use water to treat the stain it will make the stain larger leading to easy dealing. Before using any treatment, use it first on hidden parts to see if there is poor bleaching reaction. Otherwise, you will go with other products for the treatment.

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Kinds of stains

Mainly there are 2 kinds of stains one which doesn’t dissolve in water and the other dissolves easily in water. Non-soluble stains are coffee, chocolate, blood, pet messes and wine. Some water soluble stains are mud, berries, latex paint, milk and ink.

Removal becomes easy when you get to know the kind of stain. The best part is to start with small various methods to find the right one that works on the stains.

Guide for removing old stains from the carpet

You need to keep patients while dealing with old stains. As older as the stain is as harder it becomes to clean. However, there are some methods to attempt for treating the stains.

  1. Begin with water and dish soap

Dish soap and water solution is the most efficient and safest method for commencing the treatment for old carpet stain. You can use it even though don’t know what the source of stain is. Just take plain water and add some dish soap drops. Now take microfiber or white towel to work on the stain.

Never wet it too much as it can soak down to carpet pad. After allowing it to sit for some time, make use of fresh water and clean cloth for blotting up the stain. By this way you can get rid of the soap residue and stain from your carpet.

  1. Attempt with water, dish soap and vinegar

Put 2tbsp of dish soap and vinegar in 2 cups filled with water. It will work on toughest water soluble stain such as food dye and juice. Use clean towel for applying the solution on the stain and allow it to sit for some time. Then blot the area using clean water.

  1. Put on baking soda plus vinegar

It is highly effective for old age grease stains. Just test on the hidden corner of the fabric before applying it as stain treatment solution. Firstly, apply some dry baking soda on stained spot then mix vinegar with water and dish soap to spray on the area.

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Vinegar foams out as soon as gets subjected to baking soda soaking up the stain. But let it sit for some hours to harden down. Then break and suck up the residue using vacuum cleaner.

  1. Clean the whole carpet at once

Many times, spot cleaning for the stains works extremely well for the carpets. Fortunately, you can do this with the help of DIY carpet cleaner. You can borrow, rent or buy effective carpet cleaner and use it with hot water. Try to use liquid detergent for better result. It will just consume a couple of hours to dry up completely.

Fighting with old and stubborn stain still? Call for a professional

If you know the trick to deal with old stubborn stain then it is fine. Dealing the stain as soon as you notice is great! You can save a lot of money from damaging the carpet and getting a new one.

But some stains deem for professional help. In case to tackle dirty and tough stained carpet; search for local carpet cleaning near meto find one! Ask for the quote prior to lock down the hiring deal.

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