Secrets of the Dry Cleaning Industry

Secrets of the Dry Cleaning Industry

The dry cleaning industry is one that has managed to stay aloft for a long time, even with the number of stories, questions and controversies surrounding them. A lot of times, people wonder what really happens behind those curtains in a dry-cleaning store.

However, those concerns don’t really matter as long as your clothes come back clean. But what if they don’t come back clean or as clean as you hoped they would be? This factor is dependent on the dry cleaners you contact for your laundry. For reliable services, search for same day laundry in London that can provide excellent services.

Several questions left unanswered include; why are women’s clothing more expensive to dry clean than men’s? Why some stains removed and some others are aren’t? Why does it sometimes feel like there are new stains on a dry cleaned cloth? Etc.

Dry Cleaning and What It Entails

Every organised activity follows a structure or pattern, and for dry cleaning, there is no exception. From the moment you hand your clothes over to the dry cleaner and get a receipt, to the point in time when you come back for pickup, there is a due procedure as follows;

  • Sorting

Once all clothes have been collected, they are sorted according to fabrics, stain and colours. This means that clothing made from lighter fabrics like silk will be separated and cleaned differently from other clothing made from heavier fabrics like wool and denim.

Also, the kind of stain found on clothes differ, and this means greasy stains are also cleaned separately from liquid stains. Finally, the colours of clothes set them apart, due to the fact that some coloursget ruined when they are being cleaned.

  • Pre-wash

This treatment is applicable when there are tough stains, and they are just meant to loosen up the stains for easy removal.

  • Cleaning

Dry cleaning, as the title says, explains that cleaning is done without the use of water. Instead, solvents like Perchloroethylene, commonly called Perc,are used. During the procedure, buttons occasionally fall off or are torn away from the clothing; however, they are always collected to be resewn after washing.

  • Spot cleaning

This is a treatment that is carried out after the dry cleaning process. It works on the stains that were missed during cleaning.

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Finally, after cleaning, the clothes are pressed industrially. Some delicate clothes are ironed manually using a hand or pressing iron. Afterwards, the cleaned clothes are tagged according to the owner’s name as they await pickup.

Ultimately, issues can arise from the dry cleaning of clothes, such as the presence of initial stains or new stains, lost or missing buttons, etc. However, a lot of people still wonder what it is that makes dry cleaning look or seem sodistinct. We, the professionals in the dry cleaning industry, amongst others can confidently say that there isn’t much to dry cleaning than you think. It’s all about the science of cleaning without water, paying attention to fabrics of clothes and its colour, removing stains, drops and grease on clothes. Be rest assured, however, that with us at Master Dry Cleaners, you never have to worry about how it’s done. There are no magic tricks up our sleeves.

If you are out to get the best out of your clothes and always look your best, do ensure you give us a call today on 020 7328 5621 and we will be glad to put a new look to your clothes.

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