Real-world Problems that Automation Testing Companies Can Solve Easily

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Automation is not a new concept in the world of digital technology. Business enterprises are utilizing the automation process faster to stay ahead in the competition and solve complex issues. While modern consumers prefer and enjoy automation to ease their real-world problems, test automation also delivers peace of mind to website and app owners with technology officers of the firms. It is believed that test automation makes quality assurance experts’ life more straightforward. Moreover, automation testing also covers many benefits to other stakeholders. There is an exhaustive list of business problems that an automation testing company can solve with automation testing services, tools, and solutions. Read here what sort of problems test automation services from automation testing companies can resolve.

Concrete business problems solved with test automation

There are different types of automated testing like unit, functional, smoke, regression, integration, and black-box testing. You can expect all these software test automation services from an experienced automation testing company. Before you move ahead, it is high time to go through some business problems that can be solved with test automation.

Need quick releases (Problem 1)

Every company looking for quick release faces the issue of agility between development teams. Terms like agile, agile development, agile delivery, and agile process are the basic need for a successful and faster release. That is why test automation blends with agile methodology seamlessly. Test automation emerges as a unique solution if you look for quick bug fixes, deployment to all environments, new features rollout, stable build with dependency list, and testing cycle.

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Automation test helps you by contributing to curtail the regression test execution time.

Save inflated costs (Business Problem 2)

After the issue of quick releases, companies also face the problem of higher costs of development and maintenance. Test Magazine conducted a test automation survey in partnership with SoftwareTestingNews and reported that firms witnessed a better return on their test automation investment

  • 24% of firms get returns immediately
  • 24% of firms get returns within the first six months
  • 28% of firms get returns within 6‑12 months and 15% after one year
  • Only 9% of firms reported they never got an ROI

The data shown above is enough to say that testing automation brings better results and more savings in the least amount of time. Professional automation testing experts help you get better ROI on your test automation suite.

Data Security (Business Problem 3)

After higher costs and faster release needs, here come security issues. Test automation gives enterprises of all sizes and types a big reason to deliver secured and safe solutions. Test automation amalgamates various test scenarios like:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Contingency plan
  • Security testing
  • Recognizing data patterns for possible threats

Test automation helps testing experts safely run test scenarios for authorization, integrity, resilience, authentication, confidentiality, and availability of website/product. Moreover, the continuous scanning of logs helps testers detect vulnerabilities like unsanctioned access and repetitive login from doubtful IP addresses faster.

Integration and Simulation (Business Problem 4)

The list of potential businesses doesn’t end here. Testing experts also face the daunting task of integration and simulation while testing a software or app product at the last stage of software development. Here, automation testing makes a big difference with modern technologies. Automation makes it easy for quality assurance testers to set up and manage apps under test—from cloud computing to containerization and virtualization to microservices.

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The intelligent use of these technologies is essential for offering flexibility and instant setup of a complex test ecosystem at different software development stages. This test environment imitates the real environment scenario and enables you to access test performance anywhere.

Quick turnaround with organized and automated reporting (Business Problem 5)

Once you go through four different business problems, a quick turnaround time comes. During app testing, multiple scenarios and test runs make things quite puzzling for software testing experts. Even, experts find it hard to get a clear picture of bottlenecks in the testing process. Consequently, automation made things structured for both testing companies and app owners. Moreover, test automation enables you to find loopholes and defects as soon as possible.

Summing up

Almost every business today runs on software, and enterprises need high-quality software to compete in today’s dynamic markets. Also, the quantity of required software has increased as companies look to automate tasks, requiring faster software production. Automating software testing is something every software tester can use to make testing easier.

You can also help leading test automation companies or experts automate your testing processes. This move may result in many benefits. These benefits are faster feedback cycle, maximum time saving for the team, reduced business expenses, higher test coverage, reusability of the test suite, speedier time to market, better insights, improved accuracy, simulation of virtual users, less stress on the QA team, stability of your build, and elimination of human errors.

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