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If you are planning to pack or store objects in cardboard boxes for long distances, there are a few things to consider.

We are now going to share a few tips with you that we hope will be helpful.


What type of boxes do you need?

First, we need to consider the type of box that we have. Safety is essential. A safe is essential. It is important to use “Corrugated” cardboard with a sufficient thickness for consistency in this instance.

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But… what is corrugated cardboard? Corrugated cardboard usually consists of layers of cardboard with different strengths joined by a corrugated layer that provides resistance.

Don’t worry! Most boxes today have this type of reinforcement. However, depending on the product, there may be lightweight products that don’t need corrugated. If you are making the boxes for a store, you might want to check beforehand.


Why should we pack the objects?

After we have selected the right boxes of the appropriate sizes and identified the objects we intend to place in them, it is time to consider what purpose the boxes will be used for. We have already said that packing to store is different from packing to move or transfer.

We will be focusing on packaging for removals. This is because we believe that it should be the most secure. It’s not just about packing and storing but also the possibility of unexpected movements during a move.

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What objects will we pack?

First, we must know what kind of objects we will be packing in our boxes for transportation. You should protect fragile items before packing them into the boxes. If the item is porcelain or glass, you will need to wrap it individually.

Bubble wrap, newspaper, leftover fabric, or small pieces of cardboard can be used to protect the object. This protection should not cause objects to rub against each other. It will prevent breakage from occurring when objects collide. Protect your items well before you place them in boxes.


How do you place delicate objects inside a cardboard box?

This is a crucial part of packing, especially for moving. These are the two most important things to remember:


The first position in the box

The heaviest items should be placed at the bottom of each box. Next, fill the box with lighter objects. This rule is especially important if the material is delicate. Take into consideration the packaging.


Filling the box.

The space we will occupy within the box is another important aspect. Your delicate items will travel more safely if the volume is higher. It is important that we have some material that allows us to fill in the spaces between packages.

We should also consider the possibility of purchasing pieces of polystyrene, which can be used to fill in any gaps left. It is important to remember that the goal of the box’s interior must be as compact as possible, without forcing any objects inside.

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Box sealing.

It is time to seal your box. Although it is the easiest step in packing fragile material, there are some important things to remember.

It is important to remember that adhesive tape should be at least 5cm wide and must be strong. String, cellophane, or adhesive tape should not be used if the tape is being used to pack for moving.

If the boxes are large or will hold a lot of objects, you should reinforce the bottom of your box.

Do not skimp on the quality of duct tape.

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