Beware of Online Predators With Three Computer Monitoring Softwares

computer monitoring software

Do you need computer monitoring softwares? According to data reported statistics, nearly 4.95 billion people used the internet in January 2022. That is more than 60% of the world population. Living with the internet and other web technology means you are waking up to it and connecting with it right before sleep as well. That could be in any possible way but the thing is we have been properly hijacked by technology and most of us don’t even know the real pros and after-effects. It’s like we are just passing time living our life without realizing how it is disturbing the overall equilibrium of our life.

With all the evolution and technology, this is supposed to be a tool that can help humankind in many ways and bring positivity. But things are turning out opposite. The reason is mankind himself has played a significant role in ruining this as well. It is now the pathway to harass, steal, bully and many more worst crimes. Every age group uses the internet but with unsupervised technology usage by teenagers, this tech-savvy generation is the main target of all the above-mentioned dangerous side effects and much more. Similarly, the use of web services in the business and corporate sector as well has changed the field rules. To sort out web-related problems use of Computer monitoring software is the only answer. Here are the top three software that can help you against online predators.


OgyMogy is one of the best computer monitoring software. The best part about this app is that it supports multiple operating systems. Most apps in the market offer two bundles but not with OgyMogy as they offer three different kinds of versions for their users. One can get the monthly, seasonal, or enjoy the spy app for a whole year as well.

  • OgyMogy offers versions for Mac, and Windows separately.
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In case you want to get the app for a smartphone then no worries. As the OgyMogy is not simply a computer monitoring software they offer an Android version as well. Simply select your favorite bundle and install the app on the smartphone, tablet laptop, or desktop of the target device. The app can also be used for oneself as you can install the app on your gadgets and avail yourself of interesting features. The major user of this app however is parents and employers. As a parent am responsible for the well-being and safety of the kids. Similarly, employers can monitor the work-related activities of the employees through the company-owned device only. Three different bundles offer both for Mac and Windows make OgyMogy one of the best choices for computer monitoring

Windows Version

  • Win-Basic
  • Win-Standard
  • Win-Extreme

Mac Version:

  • Mac -Basic
  • Mac-standard
  • Mac-extreme

Major features include access to check the web browsing history of the target. The app allows the user to know about the frequently visited websites i.e bookmark folder and more. One can even block any unwanted or malicious content from the target device as well through the web filtering feature. Some other interesting features include the power to block the internet of the target whenever you want for example you can use this feature when your kid is driving.


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2) TheOneSpy App:

On the second number, we have TheOneSpy app. The app can be used by parents and employers both as they offer parental control and employee monitoring features for the users. However, they do not offer a free trial period to their users. You can use it to know about the website visited by the target, keywords searched on the web browser, overall screen monitoring, and many more interesting features.

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3) Kaspersky Safe Kids:

As the name suggest the Kaspersky safe kids app is parental control app that lets the parents have a check on the kid’s online activities. Parents need to be extra careful about the online activities of the kids. The app gives remote access to the target teen gadgets. The app can be used on multiple platforms. Free and paid versions both are available in the case of the Kaspersky safe kid app. Get the app and make sure your kid positively uses the web. Prevent your kid to have access to any harmful content. The app also lets the user control the target’s time spent online. Because of the discrimination of free and paid offered features, it is best to check beforehand. The app has received complaints regarding its working with the Windows version

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