Professional Solution to Import Outlook Mailbox to Office 365

Outlook Mailbox to Office 365

Many companies have transferred their corporate data to a cloud-based platform in recent years. And when it comes to choosing the best cloud-based solution, Microsoft Office 365 is unrivaled. So, if you’re thinking about switching Outlook mailbox to Office 365, you’ll definitely want to keep your previous emails. However, this is not an easy task. You can’t just copy and paste your Outlook emails into Office 365.

One of the most popular cloud-based solutions is Microsoft Office 365. It enables users to store their data in the cloud, making data access possible from any device with an Internet connection. One of the key reasons why many businesses and organizations are switching to Office 365 is this. The enhanced quantity of storage capacity for business emails is another great feature of Office 365. Microsoft Outlook and other email applications have storage constraints. They have a limited amount of storage for emails and other data. Users must be dissatisfied with such storage restrictions, which is why they are migrating to Office 365, which offers a high mailbox quota.

You can quickly import PST files into Office 365. You’re probably wondering how to transfer all of your old Outlook emails to your Office 365 account.

How can I Import my PST Files into Office 365?

Many people are looking for a solution to import Outlook mailbox to Office 365. There are two methods to go about it:

  • Solution by Native
  • a Qualified solution

No third-party software is required for the manual solutions. If you Google “how to manually import PST to Office 365,” you’ll find a long number of articles and blogs with good information. In such articles/blogs, several forms of manual solutions are discussed, and Network Upload is one of them. Powershell Commands is another name for it. This solution necessitates the usage of Azure AzCopy. This procedure has already been utilized for testing purposes, and it has proven to be effective.

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Cons of a Manual Solution

Although the manual technique is very effective, it has some significant flaws. For example:

  • Firstly, migrating emails from Outlook PST to Office 365 via the Network Upload technique takes a long time and requires a lot of human effort.
  • It necessitates a thorough understanding of Microsoft Office 365. It is tough for non-technical people to comprehend and correctly implement the manual procedures.
  • You may encounter difficulties while manually moving emails from a PST file to an Office 365 account.
  • Without prior understanding, attempting to use the manual technique, i.e. Network Upload, may result in data loss.
  • As a result, using a professional solution to import PST to an Office 365 account is strongly advised. A third-party PST to Office Migration program is the most automatic and dependable solution available.

Tool for Migrating PST Files to Office 365

Many software manufacturers offer PST to Office Migration tools for automated and painless migration on the online marketplace. Office 365 Backup tool is a utility supplied by SysInfoTools Software. This tool’s main purpose is to backup Office 365 mailbox data to PST and other commonly used email formats. It also functions as an Outlook mailbox to Office 365 Migration tool, allowing you to simply move PST files to an Office 365 account. It has no disadvantages over the manual method. Importing PST files to Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo, and other email clients is simple, quick, and effective.

Any technical or non-technical user can effortlessly import Outlook emails from PST to Office 365 account with this software. This software can be used without any prior technical knowledge. This PST to Office 365 Migration program is compatible with all Windows-based operating systems, including Windows 10.

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Free Consultation

The free demo version of the Office 365 Backup Tool is available. You must first download the demo version of this software before purchasing it. All of the features available in the licensed version are available in the demo version. There is only one stumbling block. You can transfer the first 25 emails of each mailbox folder of the specified PST file using the sample version (s). To get around this restriction, you’ll need to buy the licensed version.

How to Use This Tool to Import PST to Office 365?

To begin, download and install the licensed version of this software on your computer. The installation procedure is straightforward and will take no more than a few minutes. The software is ready to use once the installation process is completed.


In conclusion, this article explains how to import Outlook mailbox to Office 365 account so that you can continue to utilize your old Outlook emails. Although manual migration of Outlook emails from PST to Office 365 recommends by the majority of customers, it has significant limitations. Those disadvantages have been highlighted in this article. Finally, I’ve suggested a competent PST to Office 365 Migration application that has no flaws. It is now up to you to decide whether you want to employ a manual solution or a professional tool.

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