5 less known ways to earn from your blog

Blogging tips for beginners

Technically speaking creating your blog isn’t a very tough task, thanks to user-friendly CMS like WordPress. It allows you to create awesome blogs without touching a single line of code. The next thing is to create a good blog and add a fairly decent number of posts. Thanks to its intuitive GUI interface you can easily create appealing posts, tweak designs, choose the right typography, and control or change the overall layout through easy steps. Now comes the key question: how to monetize your blog. In this post we will present you a curated list of low competition blogging tips for beginners to monetize their blog :


Create a Paid Business Directory

 Every digital business wants to gain quick visibility and position itself as a trusted brand in front of the right prospects. However, achieving this objective on SERPs is quite a detailed and expensive process. So, you can simplify things for them by creating a business directory section on your blog. An interested audience can access and browse the directory and connect directly with the enterprises they are looking for. In this model, you charge the clients for listing their enterprise in the directory and displaying it as a trusted brand by highlighting the achievements and trust signals. 

Build a WordPress Job Board With Paid Submissions

 One of the least used but highly potential ways for blog monetization is to advertise the job positions in top brands and corporate houses of the related niche. The corporate conglomerate understands the value of their staff in building their brand. That is why they are ready to spend a reasonably good amount on making the reach to the brightest candidates. By creating committed traffic from readers who are closely related to and knowledgeable about a specific niche you position your blog as a strong way to showcase the latest job opportunities. You can also offer some creative inputs like building an appealing job board and highlighting the display of more urgent requirements. You can change accordingly and expect to make a good earning. 

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WordPress Event Calendar With Paid Submissions

WordPress is a worldwide community of highly committee readers, developers, and subject experts. Along with online rapport the WP community also network in real life through Word cons conferences. So another way to monetize your blog is to advertise such meetups and events on your blog. As these meetups are time-bound the sponsors and organizers are often ready to pay a good amount to a credible platform that can offer them good exposure in front of relevant traffic.

Sell EBooks on WordPress

 You may also be interested in selling some items right from your blog. In that case, you can begin with the most relevant digital items that require almost zero or negligible investment. For instance, you can compile a book out of several related blog posts and sell it on your platform, Likewise, you can also sell a video course. Along with fetching you a good price the Ebooks can also play a vital role in overall SEO strategy for the website.

Sell Online Courses

Along with the niche relevant audiences many people coming to your site are interested in becoming a blogger like you. If you are a tech expert then audiences would like to acquire Th similar technical capabilities. You can create deep practical courses around such things that are related to your niche and field of expertise. You and sell such a course or ask people to subscribe to it. Such programs not only pay well but also fortify The relationship between you and your audience.

Host a Paid Webinar

 In the last few years the webinars have become extremely popular. Unlike conventional seminars, webinars can be attended by anyone right from the comforts of their house. All one has to do is to click on the webinar link and join it. That said, just like other popular phenomena the quality of webinars has suffered a lot. While the established brands can comfortably spend a hefty amount or pull in the subject matter experts with good presentation skills these smaller brands struggle to make their seminars more impressively appealing and value-packed. It creates an opportunity for you. You can start your journey as a webinar expert where you can conceptualize, strategize, market, and execute a webinar and take different steps to turn it into a success. A number of webinars around the work hire such experts. So, you earn a decent income through webinar management.

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Starting your blog not only empowers you to share your thoughts with the worldwide community of readers but also helps you earn decent money doing what you love the most. For that one should think strategically and pick the most rewarding ways to quickly monetize their blog. In this post, we shared some such less known but highly beneficial blog monetization options that one can act upon with a small learning curve. One thing to keep in mind is what you actually need to create a strong online portfolio before exercising these monetization options. It is important because you need to contact them directly and may even have to personally meet the high authority personalities and they would show interest only if you have a credible online reputation.


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