Electric Shower Installation DIY Made Easier

Electric Shower Installation

Do you feel these days your shower has lost much of the oomph? Maybe it is time to replace it with a new one. In recent times as DIY is spreading its wings wider, is it possible to replace the shower unit all by yourself without asking for professional expertise? It cannot be denied this question is highly relevant. And the answer is yes. You can definitely replace your existing shower DIY yourself. Although it certainly is not the easiest job under the sun but with little caution and preparation anyone can make it possible. If you want to know more about it, just keep reading.

A foreword on DIY electric shower replacement

It has already been mentioned earlier that it is possible to replace an electric shower DIY at home. But you must have the necessary qualifications. If you are not properly qualified and trained then the task turns out to be too risky. In such circumstance you must better abandon your DIY plan and hire a professional. However, as we all are aware, the cost of installing an electric shower often turns out to be greater than the cost of the shower itself. Yet it is never a wise decision to put oneself at such risk just to save few bucks.

Who can install or replace electric showers?

Either a Part P certified plumber or a fully qualified electrician can both install and replace electric showers. At the time of hiring the installer it is your duty to ascertain the professional is registered with a relevant trade body, NICEIC for example.

A plumber may possess a wide variety of qualification to be eligible for doing the job. He could have done an apprenticeship, a chartered plumber, NVQ qualified or City and Guilds plumber.

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Selected a reputed brand in electric showers

There are more choice than you can imagine when it comes to the number of options for electric showers. The best thing is to select a product from a reputed brand. When you are replacing your shower unit, it implies the existing one is either broken or lacks optimum efficiency with time. Shower replacement involves investment of both time and money. When you select a product from a reputed brand, you can be assured the investment will be giving you dividends over the years. Few popular brands in the UK include the following –

  • Triton Seville
  • Mira Sport Max
  • Bristan Bliss
  • Triton Martinique
  • Mira Azora Thermostatic
  • Triton Amore
  • Aqualisa Quartz

The brands assure top quality products with high performance.

Easy steps to replace an electric shower

Replacing an existing electric shower with a new unit is much easier than installing one right from scratch. This is because the entire infrastructure is already there in place – including electrical and plumbing connections. Thus with adequate caution and a few tools you can replace a shower unit pretty easily.

Step #1 – Turning off power supply

Water and electricity never go together. So before you start your work, make sure to turn off power supply to the shower unit. Double check to be sure the power is indeed disconnected using a tester. Now it is time to turn off water supply as well.

Step #2 – Take out the existing shower unit

As now both the power and the water connections are turned off, it is time to remove the existing shower unit from its position. Usually this range of shower units is fixed in place with help of four screws. This makes the removal easy and you need a screwdriver for the purpose. In some old models you may have to first remove the front of the shower unit to disconnect the power and the water supplies.

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Step #3 – You need to run a check over the shower connection points

Now that the old shower unit has been dismantled from its position, it is time to put the new unit in its place. Have a careful look at the new shower unit to determine whether the electricity and the water connection points are at the same place or at different places like that in the old unit. there are some brands like Mira that manufacture electrical shower units with multiple connection points. Those models are easier to install. In case the new unit has a different place for the connections then you have to make your adjustments accordingly.

Step #4 – Installation of the new unit

Until now if everything aligns properly then you can bet your task ahead will be easy. Mark the exact position of the new unit on the bathroom wall. Use a pencil for marking as it will not make the marks permanent and those could easily be erased. At this stage you may also have to drill the wall to make new holes to fit the new unit properly. First mark the points where you want the holes and then go with drilling. There is another thing to take note of. Make sure to use the drill with a masonry drill bit to reduce the chances of broken tiles. Once the holes are drilled fit rawl plugs.

On the other hand unscrew the front of the new shower unit to get access to the internal connections and the back plate. You have to make the water and the power connections to the unit through the back plate. After the connections are made it is time to place the unit on the wall just like the previous one. By the way, you will require a pipe wrench to tighten the compression fitting. If it is not properly tightened the new shower unit may spring a leak anytime later.

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Step #5 – Check the whole installation

Now that all the challenges have fallen in line it is time to check the entire setup once again to make sure everything is in proper order. As far as electricity is concerned, you must check that the neutral, earth and the live wires are connected correctly. On the other hand make sure that the water supply pipe is connected to compression fitting and the setup is properly tightened.

But if you want avoid all the hassle and the time, just search online with strings like “electric shower installers near me” to get access to skilled, licensed and reliable handymen. If at any point of time you feel you are not confident enough to run the show all by yourself, seek professional expertise without delay.

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