How to explore the exotic wilderness of Adelaide Bird Sanctuary during a day trip

Adelaide bird sanctuary

The day tour of Adelaide bird sanctuary provides you with the opportunity to explore the unique set of bird habitats located just off the coast of Southern Australia. Overseen by a local biologist, the excursion is the perfect way to see the sanctuary and its nationally protected birds up close and personal.

During the day trip to the Adelaide bird sanctuary, you will explore the magnificent flora and fauna of the park with a local expert who will share his experience about the exotic wilderness.

Listed below are some tips to explore the wilderness of Adelaide Bird Sanctuary and discover the top activities and sights of the region:   

During this 10-hour day trip to the sanctuary, you will have plenty of time to explore its must-see attractions. Visit the walk-through aviary to see up-close encounters with endangered tropical birds, and snap a photo at the Canopy Skywalk. Discover 250 species of plants, over 190 bird species, and 125 animal species that call the sanctuary home. You will also visit the Nature Center with informative displays about the park’s history and habitats.

Start your day trip to the Adelaide Bird Sanctuary with a guided tour of the area’s various activities such as dolphin watching at Dolphin sanctuary, and hiking within the park. In just one day, you will discover many exciting activities it has to offer, scenic spots, and the captivating landscape of the park. On this day trip, you can study your favorite creatures as you walk through the attractions trails and explore the exhibits at the interpretation center. Afterward, stop by the gift shop for a souvenir of your day spent in nature’s lap.

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Take a stroll through Wetlands or visit Scrubby Creek and learn about why it is important to preserve this habitat for natural wildlife. The main lake offers a chance for you to see many threatened species, including the Black-Necked Stork, along with several other aquatic birds in their natural environment. It has plenty of wildlife including kangaroos, koalas, bats, possums, and many species of reptiles and marsupials.

Located 18 miles from Adelaide, this magnificent bird sanctuary on the edge of the Murray River offers many interactive exhibits, such as hand-feeding stations and aviaries with colorful birds that you can touch and hold. The park also has many walking trails where you can walk among the different habitats and spot native parrots, kingfishers, and many other beautiful faunal species.

Tour the exotic habitats

Tour the exotic habitats of Australia’s unique wildlife blooming at Adelaide bird sanctuary and learn about native species. The guided tour with a park ranger who is a passionate nature lover is certainly an experience of a lifetime as he takes you through the rugged trails of the sanctuary. You will also visit the Adelaide Zoo full of pandas and koalas, and have time for lunch at the Sanctuary hotel.

Packed with activities like bushwalking fishing and four-wheel drives, there is an adventure for everyone. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of this secluded National Park during a day trip that includes hotel pickup and drop-off.

During this full-day tour, you will visit some of the famous places such as Glenelg Beach, Hahndorf Main Street, Mt. Lofty Ranges and be able to see the places you may have heard of but were not sure where they were located.

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To experience the wilds of Adelaide Bird Sanctuary, travel in a comfortable minibus and follow your guide to some of the park’s most popular locations, such as Duck Lagoon or Fairy Falls. Learn about the park’s wildlife and plants, including platypus and native Australian birds.

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A day trip to the Adelaide Bird Sanctuary

A day trip to the Adelaide Bird Sanctuary is a must for every bird lover. Visitors can see a variety of rare birds, including the Pink Flamingo, Greater Flamingo, and Blue Martingale. During your excursion, you will travel through the Adelaide Jungle and even get to discover the hidden gems of the Australian outback. With a guided tour of the sanctuary, you are sure to learn all about these exotic birds.

An exotic getaway from the hustle and bustle of Adelaide, Adelaide Bird Sanctuary offers secluded coves for swimming and picnics on the coast, to hiking through tall eucalypt forests. Your guide will show you all the best outdoor attractions in this remote wilderness, and you will have plenty of time to enjoy your adventure and see many of the native bird species that call this sanctuary home.

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