Benefits of Using Corporate Travel Management Services for Your Company


Businesses thrive when all its stakeholders have fun together. As a business, you should ensure that your employees are not only productive at work but also get enough stress-free time. 

For that to happen, you may need to work around your busy schedules to take a couple of days off and let your employees unwind on a holiday together. 

While the planning involved may seem like a mammoth task, especially for the Human Resource department, hiring a business travel agency makes this much easier. Business travel agencies offer their services to all enterprises and businesses. Save time by partnering with car and coach rental companies and let them take care of all your requirements. Whether it is travel by car, buses, or stays, companies like KTC India takes end-to-end care of all your and your employees’ needs on a trip.

Why Should You Choose an Agency for Corporate Travel? 

If you’re wondering why you should look to hire a corporate travel agency, then here are some good reasons to keep in mind: 

  • Professional Services:

    Corporate travel services bring you the ease of a holiday without any stressful planning, which is much needed when you’re unwinding. Furthermore, the agency will practically help you find anything and everything. Whether you want chauffeur driven cars and coaches or want to make air bookings, KTC India offers seamless services.

  • Quick Services:

    Whether you want to take a trip to an island in Langkawi or a safari in the dense jungles of India, travel agencies make all bookings for you to have an exciting experience. They make bookings as per your choice, plan your itinerary as per your comfort and include daily activities. In short, you and your employees only need to pack your bags and await a thrilling adventure, and let KTC India takes care of the rest.

  • Helps You Save Money:

    When planning your employee holiday, it is important to remain within the budget. When making your bookings for transportation and stays by yourself, you may not have access to discounts that travel agencies can offer. Travel agencies, such as KTC India, work within a vast network of connections in the travel and tourism industry which means that they have connections with transportation providers, hotels and more. This lets you avail and enjoy extra perks, which might not be possible otherwise.

  • Creates a Plan for You:

    As businesses are unique, the requirements of each business are unique as well. That being said, every corporate business travel agency allows you to customise your entire itinerary for your employees, building an exclusive holiday experience.
    In other words, you don’t have to worry about fitting your requirements in readymade packages. Business travel agencies give you the freedom to tweak the packages as per your needs or create a new one just for your business.

How to Choose the Right Corporate Travel Agency?

The following are some tips to choose a corporate travel agency for your company: 

  • Trust: Choose an agency that has had experience in offering best-in-class services to all sizes of enterprises. For example, KTC India has been in the travel industry for more than 70 years now. We understand the special requirements of a corporate trip and strive to deliver a unique travel experience nonetheless.
  • Research: Research about the company you are choosing. Consider their reviews and see what previous customers are saying about their work ethics and behaviour. Furthermore, look for the issues other customers highlight and how the company attempts to resolve them. 
  • Meet: Try to meet the agency’s representatives. Before you choose an agency, you should see how interested the its representatives are in getting your business. Furthermore, setting a meeting with a representative will help you gauge the company’s policy and way of working as well. 
  • Ask: Prepare a list of questions before the meeting and ask away. Since the agency will be responsible for booking tickets, flights, rooms and more, they should perfectly understand your requirements and meet them without any difficulties. Remember, the safety of your employees on a trip will be your responsibility.

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Keep tabs on is the money and how the payments will be processed. Once the itinerary and safety related questions are resolved, ask about your monetary concerns. 

  • How does the payment process for the agency work?
  • Consider asking about how long you would have to make the payments. 
  • Ask if you can pay in installations for the tour you are considering to build trust. 

Clear all such queries, extract all the details of the tour you intend to take and then make an informed decision. If you’d like to not get into such a hassle, you can easily partner with KTC India that’s been chosen by companies and governments around the world. As a leading business travel provider, KTC India offers premium services tailored to your company’s needs. With an extensive fleet and skilled drivers, the car and coach rental company assures you of a smooth journey.


With that said, you can even partner with KTC India for safe and reliable employee shuttle services, pick-ups, packages and more.

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