Best Korean Food Restaurant in Dubai That People Vouch For


Korean food is full of colours, textures, and flavours. Their delicacies are nutritionally balanced, look appealing to the eye, and play the symphony of taste in the mouth. It has similarities with Japanese and Thai cuisine, but the flavour of Korean ingredients is different, making their cuisine unique. Whether you crave the mouthwatering Kimchi, Bulgogi, Japchae, or Bibimbap, authentic flavours are available only at the best Korean restaurant in Dubai.

Best Korean restaurants in Dubai

Listed below are the Korean restaurants that you should definitely try in Dubai whenever you crave authentic flavours.


It is one of the first Korean restaurants in Dubai, with a perfect ambience that gives the feel of being in Korea. You can choose to sit inside the semi-private cabins or open tables and enjoy a meal in subtle lighting and an inviting atmosphere. Sumibiya has a diverse menu with lots of options for grilled seafood, meat, and vegetables. Moreover, you get a variety of sumptuous sauces and sides to enhance the taste of your meal


This restaurant is located at different places in Dubai, including Al Rigga and Dubai media city community. It offers a fine spread of Korean dishes ranging from soups to stews to desserts. It is a budget-friendly Korean restaurant in Dubai offering delectable comfort foods from Korea. The place is known for its timely service, serving etiquettes of the staff, and the taste that reminds you of a dine-in spot on the Korean streets

Seoul Garden

If you are a foodie and like to customize your meals, Seoul Garden is your place! They allow the guests to make their own hot pot meals with the ingredients of their choice. Other than this, you can find South Korean classic comfort foods like Kimchi, grilled meat, and Hwajeon on the menu. Not only the taste, but the place will also mesmerize you with its warm and inviting interiors that add up to your dine-in experience.

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Another option for the best Korean restaurant in Dubai is Sonamu, located on the first floor of the Asiana Hotel. The décor is ultra-modern, with the perfect hints of Korean culture at the right spots. It has been the official catering partner of the Korean pavilion at EXPO 2020, which speaks a lot about the authenticity of flavours that it offers. You can find every popular Korean dish on their menu, and the taste is always guaranteed

Manna Land

Manna Land has been serving the finest Korean cuisine in Dubai for the past 15 years. It is famous amongst people who have a soft corner for Korean food and understand the authentic flavours that only traditional Korean spices can offer. The most popular dishes include tofu casserole, seafood stew, and vegetarian hot pot meals. So if you visit Dubai and want to try some Korean delicacies, Manna Land is your go-to place.

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Even though there are many other options for Korean restaurants in Dubai, dining at one of the outlets listed above is ideal. These places will never fail to amaze you with their hospitality and treat your taste buds to authentic Korean flavours.


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