5 Strategies for Outsourcing Telemarketing in Singapore


Over the last decade, the Asia-Pacific region has become a goldmine for ambitious B2B start-ups. Entrepreneurs and business owners mainly prefer commercial hubs like Malaysia and Singapore for the dynamic, high-potential markets. Simultaneously, both the competition and operational costs have multiplied rapidly. Having a fully-fledged in-house telemarketing team with the latest software and infrastructure may not be feasible for your budget, including from the training point of view. Hence, as a B2B entrepreneur in Singapore or Malaysia, outsourcing your telemarketing and telesales requirements is cost-effective. But given the multiple service providers and their offerings, you need to tread very carefully before finalizing the deal. The following strategies will certainly help you in this endeavor. 

Assess the Experience and Proficiency of Telesales Services: 

There are several methods to enquire about the efficiency and reliability of a telesales service provider. You can speak to them directly and ask for the details of their previous and existing clients. Checking their website for case studies and testimonials is recommended. Wherever you check their reviews (social media, directories, search engines), focus on how they have accelerated lead generation and revenue.

Opt for a Flexibility in Payments:

Cost should not only be the deciding factor while availing of telesales services, but you should not overlook it. For instance, there should be transparency in the costing. Apart from the charges being declared upfront, look for hidden costs. You can also learn about the methods of charging a service provider offers. The prime example of this can be target-based incentive payouts instead of fixed charges. 

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Ensure Service Standards and Performance KPIs:

If you plan to outsource telesales services in a highly competitive zone like Singapore, establishing critical service standards is crucial to facilitating B2B lead generation in Singapore. At the very outset, be very specific about MQL (marketing qualified leads), ICP (Ideal Client Profile), number of telemarketers assigned, etc. Furthermore, the telesales software, the number of exclusive telephone numbers allotted, and the telemarketing script should also be a part of the assessment, including periodic sales targets per the top performance KPIs. 

Ask for a Free Trial:

Most telesales and telemarketing service providers will provide you with a free trial on their own. Even if they haven’t specified this provision, don’t hesitate to ask for an initial test or a demo of the provided services. This step is crucial because entrusting any third party with your outbound calls is an important decision. Hence, it would help to exercise due diligence before finalizing a deal.

Adjudge their Team, Infrastructure, and Software in Person:

Irrespective of your online discussions and telephonic correspondence, taking a tour of the facility is essential. Meet the telemarketers intended to be deployed for your business and discuss your requirements. As mentioned above, adjudge the software and the various reporting formats in the free trial. Lastly, ensure that their B2B contact databases are updated and relevant per your ICP.


Banking on the expertise of certified telemarketing professionals can be highly advantageous for your B2B business. These include high-potential lead generation, better streamlining of marketing resources, higher accountability, and flexibility. Most importantly, you save a considerable amount of time and money while focussing on your core business operations.

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