How to Empower Speakers, Exhibitors, & Attendees with 360° Virtual Communication & Networking Suite?

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Virtual events have numerous speakers, exhibitors, and attendees. It is essential that they get the proper tools and elements to create communication and networking even during virtual events. Moreover, you can have various features with the top virtual meeting platform.

So, choose a hybrid expo platform wisely and ensure that you get all the needed tools. Here are the various elements that can be helpful to empower speakers, exhibitors, and attendees with virtual communication and networking suite.

Let’s have a glance at all the communicative and networking tools in brief!

#Communication Tools

  1. Live Chat, Audio, and Video Calls

It is not easy to make communication seamless between the attendees, exhibitors, and speakers in a virtual event. So, it is necessary that you include live chat, audio, and video call features in your virtual event platform. Moreover, everyone can use this feature and experience seamless communications.

  1. B2B Meeting Scheduler

Potential customers can reach you anytime. So, it is vital that you get a B2B meeting scheduler from your selected hybrid expo platform. Moreover, the attendees will be able to schedule a meeting with any exhibitor or speaker even before the event.

  1. External Meeting Integration

You can get external integration in your hybrid expo with the top virtual event platform. Moreover, it can be beneficial to connect with the attendees, exhibitors, or speakers using various apps like WhatsApp, Zoom, BlueJeans, etc.

  1. Notifications

It is crucial to spread awareness about the event sessions and other meetings. Hence, you can use the notification features. Moreover, it provides freedom to make immediate updates, announcements, and changes during the virtual event with the audience. So, no need to worry about missing any chances to communicate with your audience.

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#Networking Tools

  1. Dynamic Banners Functionality

You can display the number of brands simultaneously in the space provided for the banners. Moreover, it is a space to promote your brand and products provided by the best virtual event platform. So, you can promote various products and services in this space. Also, you can add a link to your demographics in order to divert the traffic of potential customers to your website for instant sales.

  1. Networking Tables

You can get a round table with 8 seats with the top hybrid expo platform. Moreover, you can create multiple networking tables at your virtual event for a 1:1 or group discussion over a similar topic. So, you can develop networking tables for the attendees, speakers, and exhibitors who want to discuss similar topics. Also, you can provide them with live chat, audio, and video call options for seamless communications.

  1. AI-Based Matchmaking Tool

You may know that Artificial intelligence has changed and developed the virtual world a lot. There are various AI-based tools that help humans and reduce the burden. Moreover, you can get a matchmaking tool with the best virtual event platform based on AI technology. It works by analyzing the demographic information shared by the attendees at the time of registration. So, you can get suggestions for networking based on the interests of every user.

  1. Gamification

It can be hard to hold the young attendees at the virtual events as they start feeling bored after a time. It can be hard for them to sit in front of the screen for hours. Hence, you can add gamification with the top virtual event platform. Moreover, you can get 100+ AR/VR games for your hybrid expo to increase engagement and networking.

  1. Leaderboard

It is necessary to create some healthy competition in gamification. Moreover, you can develop leaderboards and contests with the top virtual event platform. This feature will be helpful to increase the engagement among the hybrid expo attendees.

  1. Emoticons

It is crucial to give the audience various sources to show their feelings to the speakers and exhibitors. So, you should add hooting, clapping, like, heart, and other emoticons for the users. They can share their feelings using these options which can be helpful to increase engagement and networking at the same time.

  1. Access Management

You can control who can enter which part of your hybrid expo. The top virtual event platform provides full access control helpful for VIP and paid hybrid events. Moreover, you can approve and deny the reach to the sessions and decide part of your virtual event for individuals.

  1. Business Card Exchange

Networking in physical events also includes the sharing of your business card. That’s why the top hybrid expo platform offers business card exchange features where you can send requests to others to access their business card. Also, you can approve the requests keeping the person in mind. It completely depends on you whether you want to share the card or not.

  1. Document Downloader

You can offer the document downloader to the hybrid expo attendees. They can view, bookmark, and download the various documents, flyers, PDFs, sessions, & other essential information.

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So, these are the various ways to empower the speakers, exhibitors, and attendees with the 360° virtual communication and network suite. Hope, you will find this article beneficial to boost networking and communication in your next virtual event with the best tools.

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