How To Know If Your Office Needs Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance

Electrical maintenance is not only needed in homes but also offices. In fact, a well maintained electrical system can help improve energy efficiency in an office and considerably help you to cut down on power bills. This is why you should contact a London based emergency electrician to carry out a thorough check on your electrical systems.

Certain signs indicate that the presence of an emergency electrician is needed in your office. Here, we have compiled some of those vital signs, and they include;

1. Regular Tripping Of The Circuit Breaker

Once in a while, the circuit breaker in a building can trip. However, it is no longer normal if this event keeps occurring frequently. Most times, resetting the circuit breaker when it trips can stop it from tripping. However, this will not solve the root problem, and so the issue is bound to keep repeating.

The most likely cause of a circuit breaker tripping is an overloaded circuit or a short circuit. A short circuit may be due to contact between an electrical conductor, and the ground. When you contact an expert electrician, the original cause of this problem can be traced and fixed. If the problem is from an overloaded circuit, then the electrician will also identify that. A licensed electrician will have the needed tool that can test for overloading and trace the source of the overload. Just contact an expert electrician if you notice any issue with your circuit breaker.

2. Flickering of Lights in the Office

Lights flickering might not seem like a major source of concern, but if it persists frequently, then something needs to be done about it. This occurrence can be a huge source of distraction for the staff of an office, no matter how insignificant it may look. Unstable lights could cause eye damages, headaches, and reduced energy. This is why such situation should be rectified immediately. Flickering lights could also hike your electricity bills.

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Sometimes, the flicker is not just restricted to a particular bulb or a specific room. If the whole building is affected, or a particular floor in the building, then it is a more serious issue and requires the attention of an expert electrician near you. Several problems could cause flickering light, ranging from a faulty bulb to an overloaded circuit. Do ensure you contact the best emergency electrician you can lay your hands on so that the root fault can be traced and rectified.

3. Heat Emanating From Electrical Outlets

If your electrical outlets are always warm, then there may be something wrong. Electrical heat usually occurs when there is a conversion from AC to DC power. So when an appliance is plugged in, there may be a little increase in the temperature of the outlet. However, if you check back after some hours of unplugging the appliance, and the outlet is still hot, then there is a problem. A wrongly matched wire can also cause overheating in outlets.

Avoid plugging in too many appliances to a single circuit. Your electrician can tell you the particular outlets that are connected to a circuit wiring, as this will help you reduce overloading on a single circuit. To avoid problems, change switches and outlets that are broken or faulty. Also, contact an electrician to rectify the issue for you.

4. Sparks When Plugging Appliances

Sometimes sparks occur when appliances are plugged in due to a brief surge of power. However, once you notice the sparks being too frequent, you need the assistance of an electrician. This frequent sparks could be as a result of the build-up of excessive heat in the outlets, and this can be very dangerous as it can lead to the melting of the insulated coverings on the wires. Melting of electrical components is a quick way to start up a fire, so you should not ignore this issue. Another thing that could cause the sparks is the presence of water in the circuit, causing a short circuit. An old outlet that needs to be replaced can also produce sparks frequently.


To avoid disaster, contact an emergency electrician the moment you notice frequent sparks in your office.

5. Old Buildings

Old buildings will likely have old electrical connections. Older buildings require more frequent checks, especially with the use of modern electrical equipment. Your electrician may ask you to replace some old components, like the wiring insulations and the fuse box to more modern ones. When you follow the instructions of your electrician and make necessary changes, along with regular maintenance, your electrical system will function well.

Cost Reduction And Safety Enhancements

Once your electrical system is properly maintained, you will notice a positive difference in your energy bills. At Electric Works London, we can handle the maintenance of your electrical system in your office to help eliminate hazards and improve efficiency in the office.

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