7 Ingenious Ideas to Steal for Your Bath Remodeling

7 Ingenious Ideas to Steal for Your Bath Remodeling

The most ignored part of your house can become the most beautiful part of your house.

Are your bathroom walls dull and lifeless? Do you think of it as a simple space for bathing and washing?

Homeowners usually ignore the bathroom space and do not give much thought to make it comfortable, stylish and luxurious .as a result, they end up with a simple room that satisfies their basic needs only. But, if you want to increase the importance of your bathroom then you have to pay attention to it and convert it into your own personal spa.

A little planning, decoration hacks, and designing will ensure the remodeled bathroom will suit the décor of your house and offer you a comfortable haven. The key to creating a bathroom you love is combining style, logic, and creativity.

Listed below are some great Bathroom Remodeling Ideas that will completely transform your personal space in to piece of art.

Idea#1: A Light Bright Bathroom

All household owners tend to look for light, bright and open spaces. The brighter your bathroom is, the larger it looks. If you’re investing money and time in remodeling your bathroom, don’t let your design choices go unnoticed in a shadowy, dimly lit or dark room. Good lighting will display your bathroom remodel investment beautifully and clearly.  Following are three easy ways to create a brighter bathroom:

  1. Select surfaces and finishes that are light and reflective
  2. Add skylights and windows
  3. Use lighting for different purposes throughout the bathroom

                                              7 Ingenious Ideas to Steal for Your Bath Remodeling

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Idea#2: A Floating Vanity

In order to make the bathroom appear huge, skip wall-to-wall cabinets and open up space. A great way to do this is by building a vanity that appears to float or a bathroom counter.

Another way to achieve the modern look is by skipping the customary cabinet vanity base and using a sofa table with open shelving below. Ensure the table is a minimum of 15” deep to fit your sink.

                                               7 Ingenious Ideas to Steal for Your Bath Remodeling

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Idea#3: Ergonomic Design

Nowadays, Boxy angle designs are outdated, while beautiful curvy shapes are becoming more available in the bathroom product market. You don’t need to add curves to your whole bathroom just select one or two components for balance. Some of the latest bathroom remodeling ideas to go ergonomic are:

  1. Fixtures or faucets that are a bit more rounded and refined.
  2. Wall décor highlights circles and curves.
  3. Curve design on one-bathroom wall.

Today, one of the most sought out and requested design elements in bathrooms is a free standing tub.

                                        7 Ingenious Ideas to Steal for Your Bath Remodeling                      

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Idea#4: High Tech Lighting

With LED lighting you can add the largest energy efficacy to your bathroom. According to professionals, LED lights last 25 times longer, than incandescent lighting and use at least 75% less energy.

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LED lighting adds a beautiful design element to your bathroom apart from saving energy. They can be easily programmed to change colors and can be used safely near water. They are perfect for DIY projects as they’re easy to install in any type of bathroom.

Apart from task lighting, some innovative ways to use LEDs include:

  1. To backlight wall mirrors
  2. To light shelves or counter
  3. To add color to the water in a  sink or tub
  4. To add color wash effect on the wall

Idea#5: Integrated Sinks

Integrated sinks are inbuilt and are usually of the same material as the bathroom counter. They create a seamless and minimalist look that’s low maintenance since there are no seams that water or dirt can get under.

Another way to create an integrated-sink look is by selecting an undercount sink in the same color as your bathroom countertop. You must hire Bathroom Remodeling Contractors for the proper installation of an integrated sink.

7 Ingenious Ideas to Steal for Your Bath Remodeling

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Idea#6: Indoor/Outdoor Bathroom

This year the hottest bathroom remodeling idea is an indoor/outdoor bathroom. You don’t need to worry about privacy as the latest bathroom tech includes electric privacy glass.

This particular glass instantly switches from clear to frost at a flick of a switch.  Many Window manufacturers have now designed windows and skylights with built-in shades between the glass panels that can close and open electronically.

Methods to incorporate the indoor/outdoor look to your bathroom are:

  1. A huge window or glass wall in front of a shower or tub with a beautiful fountain outside.
  2. An outdoor shower with a glass door for access from the bathroom.
  3. Skylights that tend to bring the view of the sky straight into your bathroom.
  4. A Zen shower with low maintenance river rock bedding surroundings and succulent garden. For Bathroom Shower Remodel hire professionals who will provide you with top class services.
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7 Ingenious Ideas to Steal for Your Bath Remodeling

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Idea#7: Go Green with Upgrade

When remodeling your bathroom, don’t forget to redesign with the environment in mind. Low-flow sinks, toilets, and shower heads will not only help you save money, but they’ll also conserve water.

Purchasing repurposing or used materials are also good for the environment.

Final Word

With the help of these ingenious ideas, you can now easily get your dream bathroom in no time.

It is best to hire experts as working with an experienced bathroom remodeling company will make the bathroom renovation process much quicker, easier and hassle-free for you.

A bathroom design expert can educate you about all your options, and help you pick the best materials for you to remodel keeping in mind your budget and space.

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