5 Ways to Become Lovingly Fashionable!

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When was the last time you felt lovable? The problem with most people is that they seek to be loved by others, yet they are hardly in love with themselves. To be able to love others, you first should love yourself. In short, you should be lovable. That means you should be natural, easy with yourself, and radiate simple, unassuming humanity. When you are lovable, you will be truly attractive.

The tragedy is when you find yourself forever searching for love, simply because you feel unlovable. Without being lovable, you cannot enjoy a romantic relationship, even if you were to find a partner. Even though it can be expressed physically, feeling lovable isn’t superficial. It is about how you feel deep down your spiritual being.

The import of this is that you should feel lovable, no matter what you wear. So long as you have a shift in your perception is what’s required. So how can fashion help you feel lovable? Here are 5 ways to become lovingly fashionable:

1. Don’t Fear To Look Different

The reason most people don’t make changes to what they wear is that they fear to look different. To them, wearing something out of the ordinary will makes them eccentric and they are not ready for any of that. If you find a cotton maxi dress that makes you feel great, go for it. Suddenly, if a bold color becomes appealing, wear it. The idea is to never be afraid to wear a printed coat if that’s what your heart desires. If you fear standing out from the crowd, you may never embrace the things you love. By wearing totally different clothes, you can redefine your personal style and feel lovable.

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2. Find Inspiration from Everyday Things

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To get inspiration for a change in style, all you need is to look at the ordinary things. If you love browsing the internet, use it as a tool to find a style fit for your personality. It doesn’t have to be on a PC. With a simple smartphone, you can hit Instagram and search style & fashion. Using what you find, you can pick what appeals to you. Who knows? You may end up with good ideas for gym outfits, for example. If not, get inspired by the people you meet on a daily basis or those you watch on TV. If you look hard, sources of great fashion ideas are virtually endless.

3. Follow Your Lifestyle and Strengths

Your lifestyle is a key consideration when it comes to fashion. What’s your occupation? Do you often hit the gym after work? If that’s you, then you should have a go at bodybuilding clothes. Importantly, wear clothes that enhance the features you want to show. Once you have a firm grasp of your strengths, get outfits that bring out the best in you.

4. Have a Reliable Fashion Role Model

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In your interaction with other people, there must be one or two who’s dressing style you find appealing. It doesn’t have to be someone you meet physically. You may even pick on someone you admire, albeit from a distance. It could be a celebrity who likes lace tops, for example. If you can, get two or more such individuals. Closely follow their style to effectively get out of a rut when faced with a choice for an outfit. All you need is to check out your role model and pick an outfit exactly like his or hers.

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5. Enhance Your Style Using Accessories

Did you know that the right accessories can make you look infinitely good? For instance, some women cannot leave the house without a sparkling earring. For such, that’s their signature style. Apart from earrings, you may also enhance your appearance using necklaces, bags, and makeup. Make sure the accessories you pick enhance your overall looks. If it diminishes what is otherwise a great outfit, avoid it. In essence, accessories also need to be in line with your personal style.


As you can see, it is possible to feel lovingly fashionable as long as you are not afraid to look different. Apart from finding inspiration in everyday things, you should follow your strengths and lifestyle. Importantly, have a role model to follow. Don’t forget to use accessories to your advantage. Getting lovingly fashionable is that simple and easy.

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