5 reasons why women love trilogy diamond rings

There are several ring designs available in the market today. However, there are a few designs that are more popular than the others. For the longest time, solitaire diamond rings were the most popular choice when it came to engagement rings. But recently, other ring designs are becoming popular, one of them being the trilogy diamond rings. Although, trilogy diamond rings were available since a long time, they became famous when Prince Harry proposed marriage to Meghan Markle with a beautiful trilogy diamond rings. Here is why people love this ring so much.


The trilogy rings are those which contain three stones in the hoop of the ring. Most often these are diamond stones. The three stones represent the past, present and future of the relationship which the wearer has with their special someone. Each stone on the trilogy represents a particular tense with the centre stone representing the present. This significance of the trilogy ring makes it special and is the reason why most people love it. Therefore, most women love having trilogy engagement ring because beauty coupled with deep significance is something that is rare to fine.

More sparkle

As mentioned earlier, a trilogy ring consists of three stones that are most often diamonds. Therefore, as compared to a traditional solitaire diamond ring, a trilogy diamond ring tends to have more sparkle and brilliance which makes it attractive to the eyes. People can choose to have a different kind of stone in their trilogy ring but nothing looks as good as three diamonds on the ring which really tends to steal the show.

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More choices

Most rings have a single centre stone whereas the trilogy ring has three stone that are almost equal in size and tend to attract equal attention. Therefore, purchasing a trilogy diamonds ring gives you the privilege to have more than stone. This means, if you are someone who has more than one favourite stone then you can put them together in a trilogy ring. The trilogy ring gives you an opportunity to add three of your favourite stones together in the ring.


Since there are three stones in a trilogy ring, there are lot of permutations and combinations that one can do in terms of the stone colour, size, shape and carat. This results in a multitude of combinations which makes the ring unique. The combination that you choose for yourself will probably be unlike any other ring and who doesn’t like an exclusive ring.


Most people will shy away from having three diamond stones in their ring because of the cost of the diamonds. However, with the introduction of lab grown diamonds, the cost of diamonds have reduced considerably. This had made more people opt for synthetic diamond rings which may be solitaire rings or trilogy diamond rings. The reduction in diamond prices has made trilogy rings more affordable and statistics suggest that more women are opting for this design because it is beautiful, unique and budget friendly.