WordPress Pro: One Plan, Infinite Possibilities

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WordPress has introduced its Pro version recently, and the store owners are taking a keen interest in it. Being one of the widely used platforms, the Pro version of WordPress will surely make a difference. If you want to use it for business, you may need to hire a WordPress developer to get its full potential. Companies offering WordPress development services are already seeing it as a significant development. 

Before you think of shifting to the Pro version, you must know what it caters to for your business. Today we are going to investigate the growing popularity of the WordPress Pro. We will also try to find out its advantages over the earlier versions of WordPress. So let’s begin our journey!

Major Plus Points of using WordPress Pro in the current industry scenario

WordPress already has its unique reputation in the digital space, and the Pro version will add to it. You may be wondering why to hire a WordPress developer when WordPress already offers out-of-the-box functionalities for your business. Well, to get clarity over it, you have to go through the below feature upgrades in the WordPress Pro version:-

  • More than 50000 plugins for you

Plugins play a vital role in achieving the functionalities needed to grow your online business. Whether you want more payment gateways or multi-lingual support, WordPress has a collection of thousands of plugins to fulfill your needs. WordPress pro offers more than 50,000 plugins for website owners by keeping these unique needs in mind.

Now, you don’t need to hire WordPress development services to enhance functionalities, as you can do it easily with free and paid extensions available with WordPress Pro. Though the earlier versions also offer access to the free plugins, WordPress pro is focused on a new level.

  • Thousands of beautiful themes

WordPress is known to provide hundreds of free and premium themes, thus making your websites attractive and user-friendly. Having the appropriate theme for your website is crucial to ensure its success. Custom WordPress themes can prove an option, but it may require time and investment.

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With WordPress pro, you can enjoy more free website themes in comparison to the other versions of WordPress. No matter what product niche or goals you are working upon, WordPress pro has an appropriate website theme to suit your needs. It also offers access to some of the most popular WordPress themes without costing even a single penny.

  • Support for WooCommerce

If you want to use WordPress for an eCommerce business, WordPress pro is a perfect solution for you. You get an option to integrate WooCommerce with your WordPress stores, thus avoiding the need to use costly options for such functionalities. We found some impeccable capabilities in WordPress pro versions to accelerate the growth of your business.

You can start selling the products after successful integration in just a few minutes. WooCommerce offers you a variety of features like payment gateways, shopping carts, subscriptions, and much more. The Pro version is undoubtedly one of the best options because it has many robust features exclusively for eCommerce stores.

  • Reliable and Immediate Support

Not getting reliable and 24/7 support for other plans of WordPress was among some of the common complaints from the WordPress universe. You may stuck without using WordPress development services, therefore you always need a helping hand with technical expertise.

With WordPress pro, you can enjoy anytime support at any time you need. The Store owners who are using the Pro plan will get uninterrupted support from seasoned experts to overcome challenges while using this platform.

  • Managed WordPress Hosting

Buying hosting plans for your WordPress website can become a daunting task. Spending too much on hosting may not be a wise idea for your business. Apart from the cost, you may have to dedicate a significant amount of time to managing and maintaining the hosting servers.

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WordPress Pro offers a fitting solution without putting much burden on your pockets. You can use the managed hosting available with Pro to manage your store better than ever. WordPress Pro plan aims to give you the raw power, flexibility, and hassle-free experience of Managed Hosting, without the huge price tag.

These were some of the major plus points of WordPress Pro that are tempting the WordPress universe. Apart from it, you can enjoy many other below listed features too:-

  • You can buy custom domain names without worrying about separate subscription plans. WordPress Pro comes with various SEO features to help you get organic traffic much more easily. More organic traffic means more sales, thus leading to greater revenues.
  • Enjoy more social media tools to enjoy a social presence for better business revenues. As social media play a vital role in your success, you can vouch for these features for a rewarding social media presence.
  • The new version of WordPress offers enhanced protection from DDOS, brute force, and other threats to your website. It will help you ensure that your website keeps on performing well in the competitive industry.
  • The Pro version of WordPress is capable of Super-strong, real-time, automated backups spanning multiple locations, so you’re covered.
  • You can avail of SFTP access to your files bu upgrading to the new WordPress Pro version today!
  • 50 GB web storage with managed hosting


Hiring WordPress development services for using the WordPress Pro version will help implement it better. You should make proper assessments of your store’s needs to get full advantage of the robust features of the pro platform with WordPress. To get the best out of WordPress Pro, you should know and understand its functionalities.

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If you are not technically sound, take the help of experts by deciding to hire WordPress developers for such needs. Enhanced features of this platform allow you to enjoy a fast, secure, search-optimized site, without spending countless hours on the updates and technical maintenance. If you wish to use WordPress Pro you can enjoy a free one-year subscription. However, the charges for this plan are expected to be around $15 per month.

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