Why It’s Good Choice to Have Suspended Toilets in Bathroom

Suspended Toilets

We recommend that you install suspended toilets or sinks in bathrooms with reasonable dimensions if there is an immediate need to renovate the bathroom. This will improve aesthetics, comfort, and hygiene.

Today we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this type of toilet or sink.

Advantages of installing suspended toilets

Hygiene and cleaning

According to the bathroom renovations Newmarket Specialists, It is important to maintain a clean space. However, with so many components to install, such as the sink and the bidet toilet, it can be difficult to reach certain areas.

This can make it difficult to complete the job and prevent you from getting the desired results. A wall-hung toilet and washbasin will create a clean, uncluttered space that is much easier to clean.

There are three design options available: round, angled soft, and square. They can all be combined and used in bathrooms of any style.


Design and functionality

Installing suspended toilets will allow you to have more space and improve the aesthetics of your bathroom. Because they are lighter and hide the cistern, the pieces are also smaller so you can also gain space.

The creation of a low wall is a popular option. This can be decorative or functional. It can be used as a shelf for personal hygiene items. There are many options for buttons that can be customized to suit the decor of your room.

To achieve a cohesive aesthetic with the bathroom wall tiles, the sink units are crucial pieces. Therefore, colors and textures must match the rest.

We also recommend that furniture be suspended to achieve a visually pleasing effect of lightness and ease of cleaning. Wall-hung washbasins can be placed at any height you desire.

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Disadvantages of choosing suspended toilets

Space loss

Because the built-in toilet cistern is hidden behind the partition, you will need to have at least 8 cm of space. You also need to make sure that the fittings are adequate to support your weight.

A wider wall will be required, which means that you will lose centimeters in bathroom space. This is often not possible with small bathrooms.


Installations that are more complex and costlier

Hanging the toilet and installing the cistern is more difficult than installing traditional parts and take longer. Wall-hung toilets and bidets are more expensive due to this. Also, If you are in Ajax, Canada you may want to know about the best services for bathroom renovations in Ajax.

Wall-hung washbasins require special fastening systems as well as a partition that has a certain strength.


More complex maintenance

The push button can access the cistern, but it is very small to operate the mechanism. However, this is not a problem as manufacturers of this system are increasingly creating mechanisms that make it easy to maintain.

Wall-hung toilets or washbasins are the best options for large bathrooms.

The distribution of the bathroom allows for the thickening of the walls. It’s all good. If you have enough space and the price is reasonable, you should consider this toilet. You will see a significant improvement in the comfort and aesthetics of your bathroom.

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