Why Did NFTs Become a Social Media Concept? — A Wake-Up Call

NFT social media marketing

Since the inception of the first NFTs (which included CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks), the popularity of these blockchain-based digital tokens has grown. As time passed, the NFT fan network grew throughout the world, and the trading value is currently believed to be in the billions of millions. The use of social media in various forms by artists is a major element leading to the fast rise of NFTs.

In this blog, we will learn more about the impact of social media on non-fungible tokens by delving into various approaches used by renowned artists.

Before Everything Else, What are NFTs?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital token that exists as a blockchain record and may be used to authenticate the ownership and validity of an object. The notion of NFTs emerged immediately after cryptocurrencies became popular, as the community supporting them flourished. The first-ever NFT, Terra Nullius, was built on the Ethereum blockchain in 2015, and here is where the craze began. Users may trade NFTs on approximately 50 marketplace sites across many blockchains.

As the NFT community expands, it is critical to understand how individuals become aware of a digital token employing sophisticated technology. The first reason is because of social media. Are there any surprises here? Non-fungible tokens have been serviced by social media platforms in the same way that they have been served by other events and technology.

A Closer Look at NFTs and Social Media

  • Although numerous NFT makers have published updates on their new releases, the formal acceptance of these virtual tokens by social media corporations has been a recent event, and more are beginning to get the hang of NFTs in their platforms.
  • Twitter was the first to provide a helping hand to NFTs, adding a tool that allowed users to put NFTs as their profile images.
  • Meta (Formerly Facebook) has launched an NFT function for the metaverse that is comparable to their profile avatar. The functionality is now accessible in a limited number of regions, with further rollout expected in the near future.
  • Meta is also trying to build a one-stop marketplace for NFTs, which is currently a pipe dream because a buyer must go via various platforms (which might be hazardous) before buying an NFT. So far, no social media site has a dedicated NFT marketplace gateway, and Meta intends to profit on this, as well as the rising global reputation for NFTs.
  • YouTube is now providing NFTs to the platform’s producers. NFTs on YouTube can help creators connect with their followers while also providing a chance to profit on upcoming technology.
  • VTubers (or Virtual YouTubers) have been on the increase since their inception in Japan. They are often computerized avatars with voice-overs provided by an artist who provides a variety of entertainment content. Some of them have even appeared in ads and endorsed NFTs.
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Some Points That Might be Useful If You are an NFT Creator

One of the reasons that most NFT producers’ products do not make an impact on the community is that they do not devote enough time and effort to promoting themselves and their works. They might have just placed the NFT on a market and waited. While putting NFTs in a major marketplace is an excellent advertising approach, it will provide no results unless accompanied by further efforts. Promoting your work becomes as simple as using your social media accounts in a more effective manner on a daily basis, and you will notice a difference.

We’ll look at several tried-and-true social media methods that can help you reach a bigger audience in the points below.

  • Building anticipation through posts, beginning at a specific time before you distribute your NFTs.  Is a terrific strategy to ensure interaction on your account. You must also ensure that you provide regular updates throughout the process before launching your NFT. However excessive blogging is counterproductive.
  • Do not go silent on social media in between NFT releases. Post about your general life so that your audience can see a personal touch. Which may then use to promote your next release. Posting solely before releasing NFTs may result in your profile resembling that of a store.  Which will not go over well with your followers.
  • Even if you write about your personal life as well as NFT releases, be sure to publish 5 to 7 times per week, as people may forget your handle if your postings occur seldom.
  • If you want to know as a creator. You must engage in activities other than publishing on a regular basis. You may respond to messages, respond to comments on your postings, and like and support the posts of other authors. These can make you a fortune because the assistance provide is assistance obtained in the world of creators. Also, interact with your fans by going live or via stories.
  • Overcome your nervousness in front of the camera and record videos of yourself on a regular basis. Since publishing videos may increase interaction on your account. You might also inform your followers about your working method, workspace, and some insights into your creative life.
  • If you are blogging about the release of an NFT. Be sure to include the release date, the link to the marketplace.  The title of your work. And also the names of any colleagues you worked with on the NFT. Such information would be much appreciated by NFT aficionados.
  • After you have released your NFT and someone has purchased your NFT item. Never forget to express your gratitude.  And also publish it as this might build a particular link between you and the customer.
  • Connect with collectors who own your works and have some personal engagement. As contacting them only before a release would not seem good.
  • If you believe your reach is simply insufficient, produce a modest post to reach out. Since most artists would love to boost up other creators along the way. And, also this acts as an NFT social media marketing approach for both of you.
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So, what should I do next?

If you still have this question after reading this essay, the easy answer is to implement the following NFT social media marketing methods. Still, if you want professional assistance or guidance of any kind. Speaking with a marketing specialist from an experienced NFT social media marketing business is a great alternative. They will be able to help you all the way through your social media campaigns. And generating followers and gaining notice in the end.

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