7 Things That Need to Know About Botox Aftercare

botox aftercare

Botox injections are highly used in the USA by celebs and civilians. These injections really work to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and aging lines by improving facial muscles. The use of Botulinum Toxin is also considered useful in treating several medical issues. So, you can undergo this finest cosmetic procedure to elevate your facial beauty. However, Botox is a skin rejuvenating therapy that comes with several aesthetic advantages. But, like every cosmetic procedure, it also requires some precautions to be followed during recovery. Therefore, you must know some Botox aftercare instructions that are listed in this blog post. Hope you will get the right information to augment the Botox benefits.

Apply ice to Botox sites

After Botox, you will experience some swelling and discomfort at the injection sites. However, there is nothing to be worried about these side effects. But, as a treatment measure, you can apply an ice pack to the injection sites. But you must not apply the ice directly to the sites. You must use it with a cotton cloth to prevent discomfort. It will help in reducing the swelling and numbness and provide you with much relief. Do not try to apply heat to the site. It will worsen the swelling and can also cause bruising.

Don’t return to the gym after Botox

If you are addicted to gymming then it would do well for your health. But getting to the gym immediately after Botox would not be good for your facial beauty. It will increase your heart rate and blood circulation which can result in bleeding. Heavy workouts could relocate the Botulinum Toxin to another site of your face. So, it could vary the results that you might not want to show. So, stay at home for at least 24 hours after Botox.

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Do not use cosmetics

You might think that applying cosmetic products to your face after a Botox treatment would improve the results. However, cosmetic products are not bad for the skin actually. But you have to touch your face that would compress the skin even while applying an eye shadow. This could enhance the risk of bruising and can cause Botox to shift to an unintended facial muscle. You must avoid using liquid formation and makeup for at least 24 hours after treatment.

Avoid lying on the bed

This could be the most highlighted Botox aftercare guideline given by dermatologists. Lying immediately after Botox for even a few minutes can disperse the Botulinum Toxin away. This could make the results worse and you will have to regret your mistake. This would make your skin bruise quickly and can also increase discomfort. So, you must keep this instruction in your note. You must not lie down for 4 hours after Botox. Have some patience and sit straight after this treatment to let it work efficiently.

Don’t get skin treatments

You might be more curious to keep your skin young and healthy by using skin treatments. But, if you do this after Botox, you have to pay off your blunder. Using skin treatments like facials, laser therapy, massage, etc. can prove really bad for your Botox results. It would make your skin more prone to wrinkles and Botox magic will not work. Moreover, you might have to spend again on another session to improve the flaws.

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Do facial exercise

You must include exercise in your Botox aftercare routine for deriving good results. This would be the best way for you to have good Botox results. You can simply make a smiling facial expression, lift your brows, and squint for at least 30 seconds. It would help in improving the results of Botox injections. So, you must do the recommended facial exercises once you got the Botox session.

Relax at home

It does not mean that you need to be immovable for the whole day after Botox. But, you must avoid getting out in the sun. Sun exposure can increase heat in your body and can move Botox to another site. This would also make your skin dull. So, you must stay inside, do your routine chores but relax inside your home. This would be the best way to let the Botox settle into the facial muscles.

To sum up

These are the 7 Botox aftercare tips that you must adhere to attain the desirable outcomes. However, Botox is really safe cosmetic treatment. But, if you have some health complications such as difficulty in speaking then consult your doctor. This would help you in getting the right medication for the problem. Obeying these instructions would certainly help you in improving Botox results. Following these instructions would also prevent the risk of potential Botox side effects.

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