Types of Bricks Used in Building Construction


Bricks are widely utilized in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings because they are long-lasting, sturdy, and reasonably fireproof materials that can withstand heat. However, even for modest masonry jobs like erecting an outdoor grill station, creating supports for a garden bench, or installing a simple brick mailbox stand, the quality of brick can make all the difference. For making the best and most long-lasting building you need to find the best Brick dealers. 

With several distinct varieties of brick used in building projects, it’s essential to educate yourself on which type is ideal for your current or future projects, as well as how to discern the difference between these five types of brick.

Clay bricks

Clay bricks are made from clay. They’re fired at a high temperature to harden them, and then they’re used in construction because they’re very strong and durable. Clay bricks don’t cost much to make—they only need some water and air to form into a brick shape before being dried out. This makes clay bricks an affordable option for anyone looking for something simple but sturdy enough for everyday use or even heavy-duty projects such as buildings or walls.


Fly Ash Bricks

Fly ash clay bricks are made from class C or class F fly ash, quicklime, cement, aluminum powder, gypsum, and water, which gives them durability. They can be used in construction projects that don’t require a lot of heat or humidity. Fly ash brick manufacturers use a variety of methods to produce their products: some use dry mixes, while others turn their clay into slabs before processing it into bricks. Either way, the end result is the same: durable, long-lasting materials that won’t crumble under pressure when wet or dry (though they may crack).

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Sand lime Bricks

Sand lime bricks are made from a mixture of sand, lime, and water. They’re used in construction because of their ability to absorb water and expand when mixed with cement. This type of brick requires less mortar than other types, which is a time- and cost-saving measure for your project. Sand limes can also be used to make concrete.


Concrete Bricks

Concrete bricks are made from a mixture of cement, sand, and water. They are usually used for paving or on-site construction projects. Concrete bricks are much cheaper than clay ones and you can get them in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit your project. They are also very durable and can last for decades. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and are suitable for a variety of applications, including driveways and pathways.



Firebricks are an excellent choice for use in fireplaces. They’re made from refractory materials and can withstand high temperatures (even temperatures more than 3,000 degrees) which makes them ideal for heating your home during the winter months. Firebricks were originally made of clay, but today they are often manufactured with a high-tech plastic compound that is resistant to heat and flame.

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