Top Perfumes Under Rs. 1000 For a Refreshing Summer


An ideal perfume should not only uplift your mood but make you feel amazing too. A mere whiff of the scent should take you up on cloud nine. This is how a nice aromatic perfume works. It influences your personality right to the core.

Especially in the summer months, a fragrance can help to stand out. When everyone is sweating and smelling bad, your aroma will make you shine. A fine perfume can work wonders in the hot summer months. And if you can get it within your budget, it is absolutely delightful.

It is a common notion that only expensive perfumes can be good. Yes, many luxury perfumes are actually aromatic and great in scent. But it is not the whole truth!

There are so many brands known around the world with affordable perfumes. And many of them are available in India under Rs. 1000. Yes, you heard it right! You can enjoy a long-lasting perfume under Rs. 1000. All these perfumes are from some of the big brands known around the world.

Lomani, Baug Sons, Chris Adams, Louis Cardin, and Otoori are some of them. You can buy exquisite fragrances for men and women with these brands. Here are some of the options that you can try this summer:-

Colour Me Neon Pink for women: This is a sensual perfume with a twist to the perfect summer aroma. It has juicy mandarin with spicy ginger. The heart is rich with water jasmine and lily. The aroma of earthy ambergris, sandalwood, Vanilla, and musk. It is perfect for a hot summer evening.

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Perfumer’s Choice Jean Marie for men: Jean Marie is a highly aromatic perfume with citrusy top notes. There are tangy flavours of pepper with an earthy amber base. This perfume is clean and crisp making it an ideal summer perfume for men.

Lomani Chicissime EDT for men: If you need a zesty fresh perfume for summer, try Chicissime. Enjoy the fresh citrusy notes of oranges with aquatic notes. The fougere notes with ambergris and geranium have a soothing effect. This perfume is great for all day freshness in summer. It can also be a nice office perfume for men.

Mural de Ruitz Energetic Sport EDP for men: Enjoy a boost of freshness for your active lifestyle. Energetic Sport perfume is an EDP with high perfume essence. Immerse yourself in the aroma of citruses with incense and rosemary. Artemisia with lily, jasmine, and cedar makes it soothing. It is long-lasting and has a vivid aroma. One spray and you are good for hours.

Perfumers Club Social EDP for women: Smell nice for a romantic summer afternoon with the aroma of #Social. This EDP has citrusy top notes with orange, bergamot, and violet. The scent of rose, jasmine, and patchouli makes it perfect for summer.

Which Perfume Notes Are Best For Summers?

Not all perfumes work well in the summer months. The heat, humidity, and sweat can make certain perfumes smell bad on you. This includes strong, pungent-smelling perfumes. Notes of deep oriental perfumes, warm spices, woody perfumes, leather, and whiskey should be avoided. They work well in colder temperatures, but for summer, it is a no-no.

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Try to look for perfumes that are fresh, light, and gentle. Citrusy perfumes with notes of orange, bergamot, lemon, lime, orange blossom, and grapefruit are good. Fresh notes of peppermint, mint leaves, cardamom, coriander, and ginger also work nice. You can also try fougere notes having fresh cut grass, leaves, orange leaves, herbs, and neroli for summer as well.

Apart from these, some floral notes with fresh flowers like jasmine, roses, lily, lotus, and water flowers are perfect too. You can find all these notes with major perfume brands available in India.

Shop Trending Summer Perfumes Online:

If you are looking for summer perfumes on your budget, try online perfume stores. Fragrance stores like Perfume Booth offer a wide range of summer scents. You can buy some of the most aromatic perfumes to smell nice in the summer. Fresh aquatic perfumes, citrusy perfumes, and herby perfumes are available from major brands. Perfume for girls, boys, men, and women are available with all these options.

You can buy perfumes, deodorants, and body sprays from these brands. They are highly aromatic and perfect for the summer season. For someone with an active lifestyle, mini perfumes are also a nice option. These are small and can be carried around. To smell nice all day on a hot summer day, these small perfumes are great. Explore all the perfumes for the summer season and enjoy a lasting aroma.

The summer season can be hot and unpredictable. A nice perfume can help in soothing down the effects. If you sweat a lot, using an antiperspirant spray can help that. Use it before spraying the perfume. Take bath every day, use antibacterial soap, and use a summer suitable perfume. following these simple tips will make you smell nice even when it is excruciatingly hot outside.

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