Golden Rules to defend yourself from a fraud Immigration consultant

Nowadays, scams are developing at such a rapid pace that finding a trustworthy firm or individual has become very difficult. Are you familiar with the industry that has a high rate of fraud? That is correct, it is the immigration industry. Not only do this fraudulent immigration consultant demand a large sum of money, but also pretend to be ICCRC agents. Never trust these agents because once you transfer funds into their account, they will vanish and you will bear the brunt of their actions. So, how can we avoid falling victim to such con artists? Please read this post carefully as we will explain some techniques for identifying fraudulent immigration consultants.

Individuals invest their whole lifetime earnings and even sell their house in order to relocate to their ideal nation. However, they will need to seek the services of a professional immigration consultant for the procedure, and finding the correct one is not simple. Do you wish to relocate abroad in search of a brighter future? However, are you hesitant to begin the visa application process? If this is the case, you may contact the top immigration experts in Jalandhar who have a track record of success and immense market reputation.

Suggestions for defending oneself against fraudulent immigration consultants:

Examine the qualifications

Individuals with a basic diploma, such as those who have graduated from an immigration practitioner school, are ineligible to give immigration assistance. As a result, it is required for a consultant to register with ICCRC in order to perform their duties. As such, verify that the consultant’s name and identification number are listed as ‘Active’ on the ICCRC’s official website and that the consultant holds a licence. This demonstrates that they are capable of guiding you appropriately throughout the procedure.

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Unusual email address

It’s worth noting that no professional immigration service will ever send an email from a strange email address. Therefore, always verify the email address before accessing any susceptible link, since this may expose your personal and private information. Proceed to the following step only if you receive a real email. Otherwise, you risk falling victim to the trap. To ensure the safety of your time and money, you can work with a reputable Canada visa Consultant.

Payment through WhatsApp

A reputable immigration organisation will never request that you submit your visa application using a chat app. Whatsapp and other chat applications are used only to interact with clients who live in remote locations. Any additional information regarding your visa application, on the other hand, will be sent by email or telephone. Avoid any visa expert that provides you a payment link over Whatsapp. Because a respectable immigration counsellor would request that payment be made over a secure payment method.

Attempt to signing blank immigration application forms

Before signing, carefully consider all of the information on the application form. However, it is critical not to sign blank documents or forms that lack necessary facts and information. Additionally, if the information is accurate and you agree with it, remember to retain a copy of the form submitted in your name. You may contact well-known immigration consultants in Jalandhar for further information and professional help regarding your visa procedure.

Never pay in cash

It’s self-evident that a fraudulent immigration counselor will want payment in cash. The reason for this is that cash payments are not traceable and you may be unable to get proof in the event of a dispute. As a result, avoid cash payments. However, even when dealing with reputable businesses, always make payment online, through check or debit card.

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Steer clear of ‘free immigration’ services

Often, scammers may provide free immigration services but will charge for employment offers, settlement services, and a variety of other services. ‘Free services’ is a ruse to deceive people, and some naive individuals fall for it. As a result, you should be cautious of consultants who advertise these bogus services, as they might defraud you of money by promising bogus work opportunities. You should spend your efforts in a reputable Canada visa consultant with a track record of achievement and a positive reputation in the industry.

Aware of new rules and regulations

Prior to selecting an immigration consultant, ensure that your representative is up to date on current procedures and legislation. In the majority of situations, unlicensed consultants are unaware of the most recent visa application standards.


Ensure that you pick a legitimate agent to assist you with your visa application and to avoid any losses. These are some pointers to bear in mind while choosing an agent to protect you against scammers.

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