Top 4 Attractions & Places to Visit in Jaipur

Top 4 Attractions & Places to Visit in Jaipur

Places to Visit in Jaipur

It is fact, if you without a visit in Jaipur and never spending your time here. So, your trip is incomplete in India. Jaipur is known as the Gulabi Nagari also, for its pink colored buildings. Also, it is famous for its ancient historical forts, buildings and Palaces with the amazing place of tradition heritage and culture. Also, overflowing with the architectural gems. Here, we mention top 4 attractions & places.

4 Attractions & Places to Visit in Jaipur

So, we started with City Palace, this gives you a taste of the plentiful existence afforded to the imperial people of Jaipur.

After this you can see next entrance, the astronomical Jantar Mantar. Jaipur has instruments at the Jantar Mantar observatory get the mysteries of space down to globe. Also, in addition to based on the time of your explore the city. So, you may be able to know-how the many Indian and Rajasthani festivals that fill Jaipur’s twelve-monthly calendar, like the worldwide Kite carnival in January month or Elephant carnival in early spring season.

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The Royal City Palace:

As a result, the royal city palace has stood nearly 3 centuries. After, the Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II determined to move his court from the city of Amber. This palace is extremely enchanting that you never imagine. Now this is home of Jaipur’s royal family. You see here fairy tale design and architecture.

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The Astronomical Jantar Mantar:

As you know, the Astronomical Jantar Mantar is build by the Maharaja Jai Singh II to measure the heaven almost three houndread years ago. If you think this is an art gallery. So, you are wrong it is the center of astronomical gadgets or tools. Here you can see the 20 tools in Jantar Mantar. Also this place in add UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Tools serves distinctive Aims:

  • The Sun Dial: It is known as the Samrat Yantra
  • And Many more tools

The Amber Fort:

Must visited place in Jaipur is known as Amber fort. Amber fort is built in the 1592 with the sandstone and marble. Also, it is well known for its Rajasthani architecture. This fort stand on aravali hill, its distance from the main Jaipur is 20 min only.

Getting to Amber Fort usually involves a short uphill hike that is well worth it. Also, it is adorned with intricate patterns of inlaid marble in nearly every color of the rainbow. The fort is laid out in 4 distinct parts, each having a stunning garden patio outside. Although you’d never know it from above, you can actually travel around the fort’s subversive tunnels, some of which have been restored.

The Hawa Mahal:

If you had any fixed idea about how buildings in Jaipur looked like, they almost certainly came from Hawa Mahal (Palace of the Breeze). As a result, Hawa Mahal has all the distinctive architectural design that come into sight on postcards of the Jaipur, from the salmon-pink color honeycomb front wall. Also, this is building same as the crown of the god Krishna. It is the geometric accents and rows of small windows.

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