The Legacy of National Plant & Equipment

The world is changing at a rapid pace, and one of the major reasons for this is the fast growth in technology as well as the ever-increasing population. Both of these factors play into making the world one place where living spaces are a scarcity. Despite the fact that there is plenty of area for every human being; a majority of these places are quite simply put inhospitable. But as the population continues to grow, it is necessary for societies to find avenues of growth, and one of the easiest ways to do that is through reclaiming land around the sea, in the Southern Hemisphere of Australia. There are numerous ways to do this, and perhaps, the most effective way to do so is via earth moving. Since the majority of Australia is made up of the desert and barren land, utilizing it for reclaiming land is quite advantageous.

Recognizing the growing need of earth moving, various companies have been set up by different cooperation which makes it hard for the consumer to choose but simultaneously provide them with variety. Established in 1997, National Plant & Equipment (NPE) as founded by Mark Ackroyd in Australia is one such cooperation. The company has proficiency in the endowment of heavy earthmoving equipment to the mining and civil construction sectors and ensures to complete a project at a relatively faster rate by using numerous specialized types of equipment which the company has at their disposal.

Mark Ackroyd, as the CEO and Managing Director of the reputed company, has taken special care in the standing up to the outstanding reputation which is associated with the company by making it unique with their tailored customer service which offers a solution to its client in accordance to their requirements and convenience. The flexible solutions are delivered to the customer and are backed with a 24/7 maintenance and repair promise ensuring minimal downtime, enhanced efficiency and increased productivity. National Plant & Equipment is a strategic partner as their main aim in business is to build long-term collaborative relations. Due to their extensive industry experience, they have some of Australia’s largest and most respected companies as their prominent clients. Their most prior principle, as the company claims, is to deliver their best to their consumers at any expense.

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Unlike other equipment hire companies, they have a facility to provide their clients with a fixed monthly price without the uncertainty of unknown extras. Their staffs majorly consist of employees who are experienced local technicians that can service and maintain the largest and most complex heavy earthmoving equipment, carrying out scheduled servicing and general repairs around the clock. Their promise for an unstoppable maintenance and repair delivery is ensured by 24/7 maintenance and repair promise and ability to service the remotest locations throughout Australia. This gives them the popular informal title as the ‘remote service specialists’. The consumers of the company can benefit from minimal downtime, enhanced efficiency, increased productivity and profitability.

The company has continued to expand and has become one of Australia’s pre-eminent suppliers of equipment to open-cut mining and civil industries. They have a large and expansive fleet of over 250 units, hiring too many of the major mining and construction giants across Australia. After firstly opening in Newcastle, they now have locations throughout Australia including Nebo, Emerald, Yatala, Southport, Hunter Valley, Perth, Karratha, and Katherine.

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