7 Unique Photography Hacks For Your Upcoming Big Event

Photography is creative and you can have fun experimenting with several strategies.

Love clicking pictures of different things?

You should try out different types of strategies. It can even include a few strange photography tricks that can work perfectly for you.

Here are some cool but strange tricks that you can check out.

Use a Lamp if you Don’t Have a Tripod

You need not worry if you don’t have a tripod. If you want to take a group photo but don’t have a place to set up your camera, you can just try using the lamp. Get rid of the shade and position the camera onto the holder. Your camera will attach easily as the thread size of bolts in the lamp shade is of the same size as filter shades that are used on a tripod.Your camera will thus face no problem in getting attached.

This tip will not just be extremely helpful, but will also help you to prove yourself as the coolest photographer in any event agency London.

Turn the Lens around for Macro Photographs

Though this appears somewhat weird, it works. If you turn around the lens, it acts like a microscope, enlarging the subject in the photograph. You need to keep a few points in mind here.

  • This will work only in the manual mode.
  • Really good lens is required.
  • Control focus; you can do this by moving the lens closer to or far from the subject.
  • Open the aperture window to control the aperture.

Use a Sandwich Bag for Hazy Scenes

This style is perfect for all lovers of vintage style photos.

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How to do this? Check out on the steps now.

  • Go to the pantry
  • Get a sandwich bag
  • Cut the bag open
  • Put the bag around the lens.

You are done. Go out and start shooting. The plastic bag hanging at the end of the lens will add a hazy and vintage look to the photos.

All the best.

Change from Day to Night

At times, you may shoot portraits on a sunny and a bright day. The light appears extremely natural.So much so that it gets a bit boring to shoot pictures with the same light in each and every picture. You can use a trick here. Turn up the power of the flash. Go for the maximum. No doubt, the subject will now appear extremely bright. Now if you change the camera settings to expose for the subject, the background will appear extremely dark. This is because the flash didn’t hit. This will allow you to get dead of the night effect even if it is twelve noon.

Delete Tourists from Travel Photos

You will simply love this trick if you hate people coming into the picture of an amazing location. It’s hard to get rid of the people populating places, especially tourist spots. Try out this technique if you want to get the job done with ease.

  • Set the camera on a tripod
  • Take a shot every ten seconds till you have 15 shots. This is dependent on the pace at which the tourists are moving around.
  • Open all the images in Photoshop; go to File – Scripts – Statistics. Now choose Median and pick the pictures you took.
  • Photoshop finds the things that are different in the picture and gets rid of it. Since the tourists are moving around, it will fill the area where someone was standing with part of yet another picture where no one was standing.
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Experiment with Water Refraction

You must have done an experiment in your elementary school where you put a straw in a glass of water and saw the way the straw appeared broken? Though this isn’t the same, it comes close.

If you want to make pictures of monuments interesting, just set a rounded or a curved glass of water in the foreground. The circular or the curved glass casts the same effect as the crystal ball. This will certainly make people take a second look at the picture.

Use Reflectors in the Guise of a Studio Backdrop

Most photographers miss the white background while shooting outdoors. White background is actually one of the best ways to focus all attention on the model. It also renders a bright and a cool look. Ifyou are shooting outdoor, you can get the job done using a reflector made at home. The trick here is the usage of positive exposure compensation.

The above-discussed tricks may baffle you. But don’t worry. Just give it a try. Believe me, the result will be absolutely amazing.

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