STLTH Vape Pods in Canada. Are They Worth the Price?

STLTH Vape Pods

Every vaper needs to have a quality vape tool to vape e-liquids purposefully. In addition to the features of a vaping device, vapers should consider the portability of a device to travel with. Fortunately, vapers can get their hands on portable vape devices, such as vape pods in Canada. Vape pods have also increased in demand over time due to their portability, in addition to easy handling. You can get your hands on vape pods of different brands from vape shops, such as STLTH.

STLTH Vape Pods. What Are They?

STLTH is a foremost Canadian manufacturer of e-cigarettes and vaping products. Additionally, the STLTH vape pod is amongst the best closed-system pod starter kits with remarkable and admirable features. STLTH vape pod features a powerful battery that allows vapers to enjoy vaping all day long. The pod capacity of the STLTH vape pod is also amazing; that lets you vape for a while before refilling it. Moreover, you can enjoy a broad array of e-juice flavours with the STLTH vape pod. You can buy it for $20 from online vape shops, such as Vapes HQ, as a pack of pre-filled pods.

Features of the STLTH Vape Pod

STLTH vape pod comes with exceptional features, as mentioned below:

Battery and Charging:

STLTH vape pod has a built-in and rechargeable battery that comes with 420mAh. Thus, you can enjoy vaping throughout the day due to its reliable battery that also charges pretty quickly. You can also recharge the battery with a USB cable that comes with a pack of the STLTH vape pod.

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STLTH Vape Pod Flavours:

STLTH vape pod in Canada comes with prefilled pods. You only need to decide the nicotine strength and flavour & attach it to the battery to start vaping. STLTH vape pods are disposable and prefilled; thus, you don’t face the inconvenience of refilling pods. Compatible flavours for the STLTH vape pod you can choose from include mango, crisp apple, tobacco blend, raspberry, mango, peach, pineapple, and many more.

Pods Capacity:

The STLTH vape pod comes with prefilled pods, having a capacity of 2ml each. The vape pods can sustain your vaping for some time based on your vaping frequency before you replace the pre-filled pod. Furthermore, you can opt for 20mg/ml, 35mg/ml, or 50mg/ml of the STLTH vape pod nicotine salts.

STLTH Vape Pod Size:

STLTH vape pod comes contained in a slim and sleek body. It measures 19.1mm * 11.1mm * 85.5mm once you complete it with a battery and pod. The size of this vaping device is slim enough to conveniently fit into your pocket as you travel.

Intelligent LED:

The STLTH vape pod comes with a single LED light that you can use to monitor the battery life. LED is an important feature because it lets you know when to charge your battery. It also allows you to know if the STLTH vape pod is on. LED displays white light when the battery is full and blinks as orange when the battery is low.

General Performance of the STLTH Vape Pod

The STLTH vape pod offers a gratifying vaping experience for everyday vaping. The initial cost of the device is relatively low that also conforms to its feature. Besides, you avoid the inconvenience of filling the pods as its prefilled pods serve amazingly. 20mAH of this vape device also offers an amazing vaping experience. You can also choose the right pod to enjoy vaping, in addition to nicotine strength.

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Pros and Cons of STLTH Vape Pods

The STLTH vape pod has many pros, in addition to a con. Nonetheless, the benefits of this vaping device outdo its con. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the STLTH vape pod:

Advantages of the STLTH Vape Pod:

  1. The battery life is complimentary and satisfactory.
  2. The initial cost of the vaping device is affordable.
  3. You can use different pods to enjoy vaping.
  4. Pods also come with different flavours and nicotine strengths.
  5. The device can last for longer, owing to its features.

The Disadvantage of the STLTH Vape Pod:

The STLTH vape pod employs prefilled pods that may prove expensive over time.


All vapers need to have a quality vape tool to vape e-juices purposefully. Furthermore, the portability of the device should also matter to vapers while buying a vaping device. The STLTH

vape pod in Canada is an ideal solution that successfully targets the needs of vapers. You can buy a complete pack of the STLTH vape pod for $20 from vape shops. Here are the noticeable features of the STLTH vape pod:

  1. STLTH vape pod has a built-in and rechargeable battery.
  2. It comes with prefilled vape pods in five different flavours
  3. Each pod has a capacity of 2ml.
  4. The size of the device is slim enough to conveniently fit in a pocket
  5. The intelligent LED of the device lets vapers know when to recharge their battery and when it is full.

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