How should I prepare for the Ethics For UPSC Mains exam?

Ethics For UPSC

We are prepared to read 10s of Ethics For UPSC books and notes for history each subject with far less weightage in the exam, but can’t Focus on this one subject.

Coming to strategy for the paper….

Read the Syllabus thoroughly…I mean each word should be understood.  The end of preparation, as every one of those words, is a potential question in itself.

You can read from any resources that suit you. I would not name any specific source for it, because everyone has a different style of reading and grasping of the content….  Purely your choice… you and that you have probably read so many times that you can revise the entire thing in 1–2 hours…

Reading newspapers and general curiosity will come in very handy in this paper…. 

For example:— if there’s a question about eroding values of the fraternity. In an Indian scenario, then you can very well use the day-to-day example… Udaipur tailor incident can be mentioned in it… similarly, there are plenty of opportunities. In incorporating examples…you can use examples in practically every question of the paper.
That being said, how exactly to begin?

Please do NOT start writing answers on day 1…. please go slow…

For the third time…have the syllabus in front of you…and start writing the definitions of the terms mentioned. In the syllabus…this time you can even highlight or underline the major things in your resource….

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Then comes the most important step of them all… making a 50–60 page short note that you can internalize….THIS HAS TO BE YOUR BIBLE, QUR’AN, AND BHAGWAT GITA…. Have it with you and revise it as many times as possible.

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The final note need not have elaborate definitions and detailed answers, but make sure that you have covered Each and EVERYTHING OF THE SYLLABUS… I’ll add a couple of pages of my notes for reference…. I make this note almost every year, and I don’t reuse it….I start afresh because. I feel that doing this exercise itself is a great way of revision the subject…
Having made the notes and revised them. A few times, now you can start writing…the best way would be to answer. The previous year’s question in a time-bound manner….

Here is one word of caution — You need not score well in the initial tests, even shitty scores are very much okay…the only thing that should be constant, is that you keep on improving with time…slow improvement is fine, but it should be consistent.

The exercise of crisp personal notes making. Is for everyone, irrespective of having taken coaching or not because, at the end of the day, the notes have.
Also, PLEASE MAKE your NOTES, because that’s your creation and you can understand. It better than everyone else…don’t take a shortcut and refer to someone else’s notes… that’s a sure-shot recipe for disaster…
I’m adding a few pages of my notes for this upcoming mains…. hopefully I’ll be able to achieve the target of improving my Ethics Syllabus score by 20 marks (95 to 115+)

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