Major Differences Between White Gold and Platinum

White Gold and Platinum

Are you about to propose to your partner but you haven’t found the perfect ring yet? Finding the best engagement ring is a difficult task, especially if you don’t know the difference between them. Engagement rings are often made up of two materials: stone, usually a diamond, and metal, which can either be gold or platinum. Knowing the distinctions between the two main metals used to create these rings will help you know what will make her happy. 

In this post, we shall discuss the difference between white gold and platinum. This will help you understand what makes the best wedding band for your engagement ring. You will also have greater knowledge to decide based on the right information. When you want to buy a ring, look for a jeweler who will give you exactly what you want. Alex and Company have years of experience in jewelry making. We have a vast knowledge of what is classy, classic, and trendy in jewelry. With no further ado, let’s get into it. 

A diamond or gemstone is not the only thing in an engagement ring that matters. The metal they make the wedding band also matters. When jewelers make engagement rings, there are two distinctive metals that they use: hold or platinum. These metals are not only attractive but beautiful too. But between the two, which one makes the best diamond ring? Let’s find out. 

Distinctions Between White Gold and Platinum 

White gold and platinum often look the same. You need to have a jeweler’s eye to know the difference between these two metals. As much as they look the same, they have different qualities. The hue that gives white diamond its silvery look is the alloy of mixed metals. The price, durability, and characteristics are what set them apart. Between platinum and white gold, you will realize that platinum is stronger and brighter. Platinum is also more expensive than white gold. That is another difference between white gold and platinum. 


Purity between white gold and platinum 

Choosing the perfect wedding ring calls for understanding between white gold and platinum. The silver-tone that makes white gold is what makes it perfect as a wedding ring. This means that white gold is made up of several metals, making it impure. White gold is made up of gold and other white metals. These white metals include palladium, silver, and nickel. The alloy that is used to make white gold is what determines its karat. White gold is easy to mold, making it susceptible to damage and elements. 

Wearing a gold ring everyday is not practical because it can easily get damaged. Another difference between white gold and platinum is that gold is very soft. Mixing gold with other alloys makes it more durable. 

Platinum is a superior metal compared to white gold. It is a pure metal, and you don’t need to mix it with other metals. Platinum is white already, and there’s, therefore, no need to mix it with other alloys. The purity of platinum metals is 95%, and 5 percent is an alloy. This is what makes it much pricier than white gold. A platinum ring is more durable, visually appealing, and strong. A platinum jewelry piece is ideal for a couple who is looking for a study engagement ring. 

Platinum is more durable, stronger, and more attractive. That is what makes platinum very expensive. In fact, platinum is 5x more expensive than white gold. It is also 20% denser than gold. The work that goes into crafting a perfect platinum ring also makes it expensive. It is not easy to mold platinum because it is less malleable than gold. 

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White gold and platinum (scratches) 

In any jewelry piece, it is hard to avoid scratches. In the white gold vs platinum, scratches happen differently. The silvery hue in white gold tends to disappear when scratched. The reason is that a larger percentage of white gold consists of an alloy. When scratched, white gold tends to lose color. A patina finish is what happens to platinum metals when they get scratches. This makes it even more attractive. 

When platinum undergoes scratches, it does not discolor. The reason is that it is a pure metal made up of 95 percent platinum. White gold is more prone to damage compared to white gold. Since white gold is an alloy, getting damaged is easy. White gold makes a perfect engagement ring option for couples who like light rings around their fingers. It is also a perfect ring option for couples who want to buy rings on a budget because it is much cheaper.

White Gold and Platinum Hypoallergenic Property 

Platinum has lots of benefits. One of them is that it doesn’t cause any allergic reactions. People who suffer allergies when exposed to certain metals are not affected by platinum. This type of metal is known as hypoallergenic. There isn’t any need to mix it with other metals since it is pure metal. White gold can cause skin irritations since it is made from nickel. A layer of rhodium plating is often added to white gold to reduce irritations. 


No matter what your choice is, there is always room to select the best engagement ring for your occasion. While choosing a wedding band, these are the factors that you need to consider. While white gold is soft and light, platinum is heavy and durable. If you intend to buy a wedding on a budget, then the best ring is white gold because it is much cheaper. However, it isn’t as long-lasting as platinum. Therefore, it is fair to conclude that both metals have their benefits and setbacks.

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