Everything You Must Know About Psychometric Tests

psychometric test

A psychometric test is used commonly in the hiring process. Employers use them to evaluate your IQ, abilities, and personality. These assessments also assess your ability to collaborate with others, analyze data, and cope with stress. Although paper exams are occasionally used, the bulk of psychometric assessments is taken online.

What is a psychometric test?

psychometric test is an objective, convenient, and vital indicator of job performance, making it very popular among recruiters. These help identify skills, knowledge, and personality traits during the preliminary screening stage. 

This article will open up to you the many sorts of psychometric tests available and assist you in understanding them. 

Why Are Psychometric Tests Used?

Psychometric tests are popular among recruiters for the following reasons:

  • They allow candidates to be compared in terms of ability without implicit bias; 
  • Also they aid in the recruitment process and can save HR costs; 
  • They are reliable indicators of future job performance. 

What are the different types of psychometric tests?

Various goals and outcomes demand different psychometric evaluation tools. However, aptitude, behavior, personality, and emotional intelligence are the four primary groups or categories.

Aptitude Testing

Psychometric aptitude tests assess a candidate’s cognitive skills. The types of aptitude tests available are as follows:

Numerical examine the ability to work with numbers swiftly and effortlessly
Verbal examine understanding and comprehension skills
Inductive assess the capacity to reason systematically 
Diagrammatic assess problem-solving abilities 
Logical assess the ability to think rationally
Error checking assess the ability to spot problems in data

Behavioral testing

They help employers in career planning and learn about a candidate’s preferred method of communication, how they handle setbacks and how they manage a team. This information is vital for identifying areas for improvement, increasing engagement, and determining whether or not a candidate is an appropriate cultural fit for a group or organization.

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Personality testing

These tests examine a candidate’s interests, attitudes, and behaviors to determine their fit for a position and also aid in identifying leadership traits by reviewing a person’s personality features.

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Emotional intelligence testing

A person with apt emotional intelligence can guide their thinking and actions. EI plays a vital role in effective management. The leadership and test scores may suggest a candidate’s capacity to lead. 

Verbal reasoning

These tests judge the ability to comprehend textual material, evaluate arguments, and communicate concepts. Verbal psychometric tests assess your ability to think critically and draw appropriate inferences from data. 

Abstract reasoning

They assess your ability to recognize a set of rules and apply them to a new scenario, as well as your ability to follow directions and recognize patterns. 

Error checking

Data checking tests assess your ability to spot mistakes quickly and accurately. They are used for clerical and data entry jobs. On the other hand, Fault-diagnosis exams evaluate your capacity to think critically about problems. This testing is used frequently to choose people for technical jobs involving finding and fixing electrical and mechanical systems flaws. 


Take your time and honestly answer the questions. Tests should be approached methodically, and you should strive to prepare as much as possible before taking them. Want to learn more about this topic? Contact us to learn more about the sorts of psychometric tests that are available.  

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