Instagram Subscription Testing for Creators

Instagram Subscription Testing for Creators

Instagram is constantly upgrading itself to cater to its users. With new features and tools, this app is able to meet the needs and requirements of today’s internet users. In addition to this, frequent adjustments allow companies to keep up with competition and stay relevant. New features represent new demands and trends. Therefore, through such upgrades, brands ensure that they’re keeping up with the world. Recently, the social media giant came with Instagram Subscriptions, its latest feature. Here’s all you need to know about what this is and what purpose it serves.

What Is Instagram’s New Feature About?

Earlier in 2022, Instagram announced the release of Instagram Subscriptions. But for now, this has only been tested with a specific group of creators in the United States. Currently, only a small number of creators have access to this exclusive feature. Instagram has announced that it will base its launch on the results of this ‘alpha test’. Following reviews, comments, and feedback, the social media company will decide how to proceed further. Instagram will allow responses from both users and creators.

Here are the 10 creators who currently have access to Instagram Subscriptions:
  • Alan Chikin Chow: Influencer and actor
  • Lonnie IIV (@lonnieiiv): Digital creator
  • Elliott Norris (@elliottnorris): Digital creator
  • Sedona Prince (@sedona._): A basketball player
  • Jordan Chiles (@jordanchiles): American gymnast/Olympic medalist
  • Jack Jerry | Creator (@jackjerry): Creator
  • Astrology (@alizakelly): Astrologer
  • Kelsey Cook (@kelseylynncook): Dancer and model
  • Don Allen Stevenson III (@donalleniii): XR creator/
  • Bunny Michael @bunnymichael): Artist, coach, and influencer

What Can You Get with Instagram Subscriptions?

If you want to make the most of social media, it’s important to have a stable network. You can reduce the chances of slow speed by making timely bill payments. So it would be a good idea to have your Spectrum pay bill phone number on speed dial! As a result, you’ll be able to browse, stream, and scroll better online. With Instagram’s newest feature, users are allowed access to exclusive content that is otherwise not available to everybody.

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However, in order to get this feature, users are required to pay a specific sum of money. As a result of this, creators are able to make more money. However, the Instagram Subscriptions tool is not only for creators. It’s also for dedicated subscribers who want a closer look into their favorite influencers’ lives.

With this feature, Instagram creators are able to offer their followers content that ranges from posits to live streams and videos. In addition to this, these specific subscribers will also get distinct badges. This will make it easier for both influencers and other users to identify these exclusive members. As a result, you’ll have greater chances of interacting with important creators on Instagram.

How Does Pricing Work?

A large number of Instagram users typically have questions about pricing and how it will affect them. With Instagram Subscriptions, you are required to pay a certain amount of money. However, the amount is up to the users. In addition to this, it also depends on the kind of services you want. Instagram allows you a great variety of pricing options. Price points start at less than $1 monthly to almost $100. But this is also based on what the creator or influencer deems appropriate. Some may charge you less while others may demand a higher price. The price also depends on the influencers and their popularity. However, it’s likely that most of these influencers will start low. They will then work their way upwards once they have tested the waters and seen their users’ potential.

Why Has Instagram Created This?

Although the official reason is still unclear, it is likely that Instagram has created this feature to keep up with the competition. In today’s age of social media, the main source of competition comes from Tik Tok. This platform has managed to lure in younger generations like Generation Z and Alpha. In addition to this, it constantly comes out with new features and tools that keep the app interesting and entertaining. In this context, Instagram’s new feature is important because it’s an attempt to keep up with rapidly changing trends.

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The Bottom Line

With Instagram’s new feature, users are expected to pay a subscription fee to see exclusive content from creators. This move has been seen as an attempt to keep up with the growing competition.

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