Indian Style Mandir For Pooja Room Designs


There are many advantages to an Indian style mandir for pooja room design. Firstly, it is highly decorative, and you will get an amazing sense of tranquility in the room. The interiors of this type of temple are typically made from white marble. The motifs used are intricately carved, and the walls are often covered with mirrors. You can even install backlights or chandeliers to create depth in the space.

The motifs used are mainly floral and geometric.

The carved wood has a timeless appeal. While wood is always a more expensive material, you can find new woodwork for a fraction of the cost. Look for an antique flea market to find old wooden pieces that are in good condition. This will allow you to purchase pieces of woodwork that are similar to those you see in a new home.

The door is the most important feature of the room.

If you cannot afford to build a whole temple, you can install a small cabinet with a window that can be opened at specific times. You can even place a miniature temple in a corner of your home. You can even use a single wall to install the mandir. Then, you can hang framed idols, deities and lamps, and finish it off with a diya.

If you’re living in a small apartment, a wall-mounted mandir is an excellent choice. They can save floor space and fit into any corner. The wall-mounted mandir is a great choice for apartments. It can be installed in any corner, requiring minimal space. You can also install doors to your pooja room for extra privacy. Among the practical options, you’ll find a glass and wood door. A glass door provides partial visibility and is a practical choice for a common area.


Traditionally, a wooden door with intricate carvings is the most traditional option for a mandir. If you want a contemporary feel, consider a glass door. It is inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing, and offers partial visibility, while providing ventilation. A wooden door with a metal bell is an excellent choice for the modern mandir. For a modern style, white is a great choice.

A wall in the living room is the perfect place to place a deity.

A low-height base unit is ideal for this purpose. It can also be used as storage, as it does not have to be open all the time. A beautiful wall-mounted mandir is also ideal for a common prayer corner. This style of home temple is suitable for both religious and non-religious individuals.

The mandir should be placed in a central location, preferably the living room. It should be designed so that it does not interfere with the rest of the house. It is also important to choose a suitable wall for the mandir. The walls of the living room are usually painted white or other neutral colours, but the pooja area should be decorated with golden accents. This will help the devotes find the right idol for their home.

Ideally, a wall-mounted mandir is the best choice if there is limited floor space.

In addition to saving space, a wall-mounted pooja room can be placed in a corner. It can also be placed in a common area. A carved marble unit with matching dividers and doors is also a stylish and practical choice. It is the perfect place for a deity to perform rituals.


You can also consider installing a glass door for your puja room. It can give you partial visibility while still giving you the privacy you need. Moreover, a glass door is the best choice for a pooja room when you have limited space. Its design will make your pooja room more elegant and sophisticated. And it will not only make you feel more spiritual but also add to the overall atmosphere.

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