How Will Boiler Perform and Make It Work Efficiently

Boiler repair

Most houses have gas-powered boiler for powering the central heating system. It is available in numerous types but most usual are system, conventional and combi boilers. Here in this blog, we will explain the functional abilities and tips to maintain the good condition of various boiler systems. So, read on to know them.

Some common boiler types

Combi boiler

Abbreviated form of combination boiler is the most regular type. The system possesses simple design due to which it deems little space to install. After installation it is ready to supply direct hot water to taps without the help of any storage tank.

The minimum economy is the biggest perk of having this boiler. As it supplies on-demand hot water you only pay what you get being high energy-efficient at the same time.

Conventional boiler

Conventional or regular boiler system is much different from that of combi system. It makes use of 2 water tanks for drawing the water from and another one feeds the system to keep the water hot for long. The installation is quite complex and it needs plenty of space. It stores the hot water in cylinder rather than supplying on demand creating a certain limitation.

System boiler

Just like combi boiler, system boiler takes water from main directly. Unlike combi it stores the water in the tank it heats up. Therefore, it uses less amount of space over conventional system. But it needs plenty of room than combi model.

Tips to use several boiler controls

Nowadays, boilers have loads of advanced as well as complex features. So, we will take you through some regular controls and dials on the gas-powered boiler. In case of any difficulty in changing control you must feel free to contact the Gas-Safe registered plumber to restore the problem as early as you can.

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Pressure gauge

Central heating system is closed model referring to recirculation of the similar water through radiators and pipes over and over again. On heating, the water expands and hence you need to keep an eye on the pressure gauge often. It will represent the measurement in metric bar stating the pressure of water in system at present.

Excessive high pressure puts many parts including pipes at risk of bursting. Even too low means the boiler cannot circulate hot water through the radiators especially to the further and higher from the system.

After heating the water for sometime it will expand the water in the system and pressure gauge will rise to a specific mark. It is optimal pressure setting of central heating system.

Lower mark than anticipated makes the boiler disable to perform. It happens due to:

  • Air in the radiators- It is quite common and radiator bleeding cam solve the issue. You can examine it by touching and feeling top of radiators. If it is not as hot as the lower part then there is air into the system.
  • Leak in any part of central heating system- You must fix the problem on an earliest note by the professional

If the top is excessive hot then the system is excessively full. At that time you have to bleed some amount of water out of the radiator to normal down the pressure. In case, you don’t know how to do it then seek professional help!

Power switch/button

You will find a button or switch to turn off and on the boiler. It has meticulous design to stay in a certain condition for long. Hence, there is no need to use the button. This power button is your companion when you want to switch it off completely as you are going away for some time.

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Central heating dial

Now you have the control on how much hotness of water you need in the central heating system. By default, it is set high but you have thermostats to control the home after turning off/on the boiler and radiator takes in hot water. As it is important for hot water supply in most cases you shouldn’t touch it.

Eco button

Some latest models of boiler do come with eco button. By pressing it on it never preheat the water in hot water pipes. But you need to wait for a while to get the supply of hot water through faucets and taps. Moreover, by using gas you can fulfil the demand of hot water supply too.

Can boiler perform effectively after servicing?

You must service the boiler regularly for the detection of any potential issue and worn out parts. By this way you can ensure its good and efficient working condition. Often boiler system comes with annual boiler service. So, go for it!

Replace the boiler system

Remember that, new model of the boiler will be more reliable, quieter and energy-efficient and has loads of new and advanced features. Also you can consider some alternatives like modern electric heaters and air source heat pumps for low carbon emission and more efficiency.

Protect the boiler with insurance

Malfunctioning of the central heating and boiler system is the most annoying circumstance happen lastly in cold winter days. With insurance you can prevent the systems from such unprecedented occurrences.

With regular servicing you can keep the boiler in good condition while extending the validity of the insurance. Even if it breaks down any day, the insurance provider will send the certified boiler repair engineer to fix the problem in no time.

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This winter makes your boiler and heating system ready to serve you unconditionally with insurance and boiler maintenance plans.

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