How to Obtain Malta Citizenship by Investment

Malta is a nation in Europe that offers the chance to become a citizen in exchange for exceptional
services and direct investment. An investor first obtains a residence permit and then submits an
application for Malta citizenship after one to three years. Malta launched its malta citizenship by residency
Program in 2013 to draw in high-net-worth investors. The Individual Investor Program of Malta (IIP
Malta) is a program that gives Maltese citizenship by investment to foreigners and their families that support the
country’s economic growth and development.

Eligibility for Malta Citizenship by Investment

1. The investor must be at least eighteen years old. His family members can be added to the
2. A spouse or a partner in a civil union
3. Children under the age of 18, including those from prior marriages and those born to a spouse;
4. Children under the age of 29, if they are unmarried and financially reliant on the investor.
5. Grandparents and parents of both spouses who are over 55 and who are financially reliant on
the investor.

New Malta Citizenship by Investment Program 2020
You can obtain a residence permit and passport for Malta (EU) through the New Malta Citizenship by
Investment Program. All program applications, however, are required to be reviewed carefully before
being sent on to the next step of the process unless the authorities are satisfied. Therefore, you must
meet a few criteria in order to be qualified for the program.

Investment Requirements

The Program offers two options for obtaining citizenship: one includes relocating within a 12-month
period, while the other involves relocating for up to 36 months. Investors must donate €750,000 or
€600,000 to the National Economic and Social Development Fund in order to be eligible for citizenship
after 12 or 36 months of stay, respectively.
Additionally, either a property purchase or lease for a minimum annual cost of €16,000 or €700,000 is
necessary for the individual. The final requirement is a mandatory payment of €10,000 to a registered
non-profit organization or association that promotes philanthropy, culture, sports, science, animal
welfare, or the arts.

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Residency Requirements

Malta residence by investment offers a choice of either purchasing a property or renting it for five years. Applying for this program allows you to obtain permanent residency in malta for life whilst complying with the requirements only for five years. Malta investor visa is one of the most popular Golden Visas due to the country’s safe environment, warm climate, low crime rate, favorable tax environment, and many other benefits. With this program, the applicant will obtain a permanent residence permit in Malta within a few months. An investor visa in Malta allows you to travel visa-free to the Schengen zone, and gives you the right to live, work, study and do business in Malta. To apply for Malta residency please contact our Advisors.

You must meet the residency criteria just like the investment requirements. You and your dependents
must maintain Maltese residency for at least a year in accordance with the new rules. You can gain
Maltese citizenship for just €600,000 if you can show three years of stay in Malta, saving yourself
Additionally, you will need the assistance of your licensed agent to submit an application for residency.
Your appointment will be set up within six months of the permission when it has been approved by the
Community Malta Agency and the Maltese police. Finally, you will receive your e-ID card, which will
serve as documentation for your residency in the nation.

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