Finding the Best International School in Malaysia: Tips that Parents Need to be Aware

There are various international schools in Malaysia, and some of them follow the IGCSE curriculum while others follow state boards or the CBSE curriculum. International schools are private entities and are not funded by the government.

The best international schools in Malaysia are accredited by the education authority for specific states or governing bodies of education. Many international schools in Malaysia also follow the Montessori education method. In this guide, as a parent, you will learn tips that can aid you in finding the best international school.


Tips that Can Help Find the Best International School in Malaysia

Some of the tips that can help you find some of the best international schools in Malaysia for your kids are as follows:

  Research the school that your have preferred

As a parent, the initial thing you must do is visit the international school website and take a proper look at the school’s vision, curriculum, mission, facilities, safety and technology.

You can look at other essential factors or aspects, such as the student-teacher ratio and programs that help teachers improve learning methods and initiatives for your child. You can also look at if the school hires appropriate teachers and faculty capable of teaching the curriculum.

  You need to check if the school is accredited by their respective education governing bodies.

You can check the authenticity of the best international schools in Malaysia by verifying the school’s accreditation to the governing body. For instance, if the school is a CBSE or an IGCSE-affiliated school, they must also have the credentials to prove the same. 

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The accredited number will be mentioned on the website of an international school. After you confirm this, you can rest assured that the school follows the governing body’s guidelines and can fulfill all its educational obligations.

  Check if the school is linked with an international educational organization.

Various international schools have affiliations with international institutions. This indicates that the school meets every criterion to be a member of such an institution.

Schools that follow the IGCSE curriculum also have an international mindset and will include lessons in the curriculum per the global education system. As part of an international network, the school’s students can also participate in exchange programs that can be great for enhancing their educational outcomes.

  You can visit the campus and talk to the faculty to know if they follow the IGCSE curriculum.

You can get a proper understanding of the facilities. That is offered in an international school if you visit the campus. You will be able to know how safe and secure the school surroundings are and if there are spaces in the school that can harm your child.

The school needs to have high-raised railings and proper staircases that will be built as per the regulations. You can also take a look if the school provides extracurricular and sports facilities that are mentioned on their website.

If you have doubts or need to know other things. You can also talk to the teachers and the faculty to know. If they follow an open communication policy and if the right tactics of teaching are followed in the classroom.

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  You need to check if the international school gets inspected by government authorities.

This is another important point to remember: all international private and public schools in Malaysia. Follow specific rules to set norms and standards. Some of these include infrastructure norms, student-teacher ratio, qualification of teachers, and standards of curricula.

The development authority for schools of a specific city or state. Can ensure that the international school follows. the required standards and security protocols laid out by the inspection teams.

  Teaching pedagogy that is followed

Other than checking if the school follows the IGCSE curriculum, this is an essential feature that you need to look for when searching for an international school. Today, schools around the world understand the importance of involving their students in each learning step.

The students in a classroom are no longer treated as children. Who is required to follow strict rules and only accept the knowledge? That the teacher provides them. The learning methods of today, such as the IGCSE curriculum are more collaborative. Your child can get a chance to form and voice their own opinions. 

They need not fear what the teacher will tell them. Instead, teachers today help children to develop themselves via project-based learning and group discussions. It is essential to allow children to have the courage to reason. With all the concepts and learn to apply those in a given situation.


Bottom Line

The above tips can help you find the best international schools in Malaysia for your child. The world has developed over the years and so have the teaching methods. The IGCSE curriculum followed by many international schools can help your child develop several practical skills and receive international education standards to secure their future.

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