How to Make Pooja Mandir at Home With Cardboard


You can also make a Pooja Mandir at home using cardboard. The best way to make this temple is to buy an empty carton and cut it to the desired size. Next, cut the cardboard into different shapes, including windows and doors. Once the first layer of the temple is complete, you can add a second layer to make it more attractive. If you want to make the temple look more authentic, you can cover the entire structure with golden paper and attach pieces.

If you live in a flat, you can also use your kitchen as a pooja room. You can use a cardboard box and mount it on the wall. You can even add decorative tiles to the walls to make the temple more appealing. To add more charm and awe, you can also use the doors of the kitchen cabinets and cut them with shapes. This will help disperse smoke when the lamps are lit.

Once you’ve built the base for your mandir, it’s time to paint it black. After you’ve painted the cardboard, apply the copper color with fevicryl acrylic. You can also add a thick layer of cardboard to the bottom of the mandir for support. You can then decorate it as you see fit. The only limitation is your creativity. There’s no need to be a designer to create this mandir.

To finish the mandir, paint the outside black and add copper color to the interior. After this, add some thick cardboard to the bottom of the mandir for stability. Once the outer layer is complete, you can then attach the legs. You can then attach the top layer with wood glue. Then add the roof. And now, the whole structure is ready for worship. The resulting pooja Mandir will be an enchanting and magical space.

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Another option is to create a cardboard pooja mandir with plywood. While the wood looks better than the cardboard version, it is not as sturdy. It is not suitable for the purpose of performing pooja. As long as you follow the instructions carefully, your new cardboard mandir will look great. The best part about this project is that it’s simple and inexpensive to create. You’ll need some basic materials for the construction.

Once you’ve assembled the three parts of your Pooja Mandir online, you need to finish the other two. The roof is the most important part, so it should be painted to match the surrounding area. After completing the roof, you can attach the legs with wood glue. After the frame is in place, you can mount the Gopuram on top. If you want to add bells and light, use four pieces of cardboard.

The final step of this process is to paint the pooja mandir black. Once the cardboard is painted, you can add a copper color. To make the Pooja look more authentic, you can add some thick cardboard to the bottom of the temple for support. You can also make a wooden mandir if you want. You can get everything you need for a home-made Pooja mandir at a local store.

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room in your home, you can make a Pooja Mandir for home in no time. The interior of the mandir should be white and ideally, it should be made from plywood. If you’re building a larger mandir, you can use a white or silver-colored plywood. Then, you can paint it in a color that matches your interior.

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Once the pooja mandir is finished, you can add lights to it. You can also add bells or other decorations to make it more meaningful. In order to make the Pooja mandir look more realistic, you should paint the walls in black or copper. The door and the lower shelf of the mandir should be open. Moreover, it should be decorated with various kinds of flowers and other symbols.

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