Every Freelancer Needs This Simple Business Plan for Freelancing

Freelancing is easy if you have the time and skills to carry it out. However, many times skills aren’t just enough. On the outlook, freelancing is just something less experienced people like students do before a job. 

That said, it should be easier and less daunting than a full-time job or business. However, freelancing is a business if you start from scratch rather than take work from a friend. 

There are many platforms where you can portray your skills and get clients to pay you for them. Now “portraying’ these skills the right way is where many people lack, and even after trying for months, they don’t get work. 

This happens because many people try to make space in more than one place and become ‘jack of all trades. This is the biggest mistake one can make when working on sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, or Upwork. 

These are big platforms where clients from all over the world post their requirements and tasks to find a freelancer to work for them. It depends on your skill level and profiles ratings on how much you will get paid initially. 

If you also wish to start your freelancing business this year, we have the perfect tips and tricks for you. This is the 2022 updated version, so make sure you are passionate enough o follow the plan we outline here. 

Remember, even though it is hard to make a place in online freelancing, the effort is certainly worth it in the long term. You get clients more quickly, and you can always choose to say no, just like in your business. 

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Decide when to take a break, and it’s your call if you wish to work all your life remotely! 

Building Portfolio In The Freelance Market

A portfolio is essentially the list or display of all your skills, samples, past projects, and experiences. This helps the client see if they wish to have the kind of work you offer. 

If, for instance, you offer graphic design services, you can also add which apps or software you work with. 

All this can help the client viewing your profile know if you can fulfill their requirements. Again, freelancing is competitive work, and thus you should diversify as much as possible. It’s always best to have a grip on more than one software or application as a freelancer.  

Best Freelancing Platforms

Freelancing platrforms

You can start freelancing online in content writing, graphic designing, logo making, or even website designing. 

Next, build a nice, straightforward profile, and you’re good to go! All you got to do is search a right platform where plenty of work and growth opportunities exist. Some common platforms via which many people get freelancer work are these: 

  • Upwork: This is a popular platform you can access on the app and website. On Upwork, you can make a profile, add a portfolio and add any further educational details you wish to show. 

Clients from all over the world are posting tasks every time, and you can see them on your newsfeed. The upwork feed filters determine the type of skills your profile is tagged for. 

You can submit proposals for each task that comes by, and make sure to check the requirements before you fill them.

  • Fiverr: Fiverr is similar to Upwork because you get a customized newsfeed. However, this platform charges a higher rate than Upwork, and thus, we don’t recommend this one to a beginner. 
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You can try this platform as you develop a niche and gain ratings.

  • Linkedin: This is another space to portray your potential to employees. It is one of the most commonly used sites for creating profiles and managing job accounts.
  • Facebook Groups: Facebook groups have a lot of work available related to freelancing. Many clients who do not have registered Upwork or Fiverr profiles post tasks on Facebook groups.
  • Freelancer.com: This is another popular platform to find gigs and build a profile. Remember that all such websites take a commission (even if it’s a minor amount). So you won’t get to enjoy the entire rate that you demand from the client. 


However, getting all the money out of work is easy when you have established yourself in this market. 


Outlining A Business Plan:  

Business Plan

Step 1 – Registering Yourself In The Right Categories

Upwork or Fiverr gives one chance to add any skills as ‘tags’ in your profile. This way, any employer searching for SEO writers will simply search ‘SEO’and have your profile suggestion in front. This can significantly boost how many times your profile is viewed. 

Add relevant skills and select what the website’s auto-suggestions tell you to fill in. Otherwise, your profile won’t appear in any searches. However, if you don’t add the right tags or add longer tag words than necessary, this can ruin your profile’s viewability. 


Step 2 – Writing A Cover Letter

This is the most crucial step when it comes to setting up a freelancing business for yourself. A cover letter is just like our college personal statement or statement of interest in master’s programs. 

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Here, as a freelancer, you are talking to your employer and assuring them of the quality of your services. Therefore, the tone you have to adopt should be formal and invitational. It outlines everything from your personality to soft skills to the core skill set you have developed. 


Step 3 – Developing A Niche

Developing a niche means you don’t have to diversity too much and stay within bounds. For instance, if someone searches for video production services near me, only the video production experts will appear in the search. 

However, anyone who has added video production as a side gig is less likely to appear. Therefore, we suggest that you should focus on one aspect of the freelancer market rather than writing everything. After all, you can’t be a graphic designer and also write content while also managing social media along the way!  



In conclusion, setting up an online freelance business take time and proper planning. If you are also planning any such business, make sure to give it time and focus! 

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