How can pre-schoolers improve their writing skills?

Writing has a lot to do with shaping the life of an individual. It is a fundamental part of the educational journey which help improve the communication and other soft skills of a child. However, technical advancements have turned things completely. It has taken children away from pen and paper and has affected their writing skills. It has become a concern amongst parents, and even every school in Singapore understands it. 

If you also have a child going to the best preschool in Singapore, it is vital to start working towards improving their writing skills. The educators and teachers would have to work together to enhance the writing skills by using effective ways in which even children feel interested. Let us discuss the expert tips to instil excellent writing skills in your children. 

Tips for improving the writing skills of your child

Reading Habits

Reading is a skill that can help children in multiple ways, including the improvement in their vocabulary and writing skills. It improves their imagination and gives them clarity of thoughts that eventually help them write better. Things get convenient for them to write their mind and heart out as they will never fall short of words. So, it is better to infuse reading habits in children, starting with the kind of books they find interesting. 

Fun Activities

Turn this learning into a fun activity instead of making it a stressful topic. For example, play games that include writing in any form, like crosswords, write the word matching an event, and more. These games make up for a fun family time and instil writing skills in your child. 

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Writing Worksheets

The next productive thing you can do is assign writing assignments to children and make them a part of their homework routine. Try to make it fun by giving them a topic of their interest. Understand that it is not a task to teach them anything but the way out to help them express their thoughts through words. Other than this, connecting dots to trace words is also helpful for improving writing skills.


Maintaining a journal is fruitful for children and adults alike. It is the best way to express your thoughts on a piece of paper, mentioning all that happened and the things you want to manifest. Children who still go to best preschool in Singapore may be too young to understand the concept, but this skill can help them. Turn it into a simple dairy writing practice where your children only have to write about their day in the end. 

Small Tasks

Technology has changed how we work and do our small tasks, but few changes can help make a big difference. For example, do not make notes on your phone or any digital device. Instead, you can encourage your children to make to-do lists on paper as it will keep them connected to writing skills.

These are the simple tips that can help you improve your writing skills and eventually help better the communication skills of your child. Do not stress even if your child doesn’t show interest initially. Keep making efforts, and you will start seeing the change eventually. Work collaboratively with the educators and ensure that your efforts are giving the right results. 

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