Ethics book for UPSC offered under Eden IAS’s Ethics GS4 Foundation course?

Ethics book for UPSC

Easing out Ethics with Eden IAS

General Studies-IV is equivalent to anxiety, fear, despair, and whatnot. This is because the Ethics syllabus is too tactical to be dealt with. As a result, students find it difficult to score well in Ethics GS4 IV and the end, fail to crack the Mains examination. But to help you pull out of the woods, Eden IAS extends a full-fledged course covering this very Ethics syllabus. This course is taught by Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary, the jewel of Eden IAS. Scroll down and find all you need to know. This course and how. Will it benefit you if you? Get enroll in it.

Ethics book for UPSC offered under Eden IAS

Eden IAS has a course covering the Ethics syllabus with the name “Ethics GS4 Foundation Course”. Fondly referred to as “Roy sir” by students, Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary provides hand-holding guidance in this course. Sir has an exception course over this course. In addition to that, he also curates crisp study material for students. 

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  • Time duration: This course spans around 8 weeks. Roy sir will be taking about 50 lectures which will be giving equal importance to all the conventional areas of the syllabus.
  • Ethics book for UPSC: Eden IAS provides an Ethics book for UPSC which is more than enough for this subject. It is a set of four booklets – Theoretical Framework, 70 Thinkers & Thoughts, Glossary for Ethics, and Ethics workbook for case studies.
  • Way of teaching: We all will agree that at the end of the day, a course can be call good if the way of teaching of the mentor is good. At Eden IAS, the way of teaching is not at all boring but is pretty engaging. Student-to-faculty engagement is there in almost every lecture. The faculty keeps pestering students with questions so that they keep on revising and do not dodge their course syllabus.
  • Class strength: The class strength for each of the lectures doesn’t exceed 60 students so that students get a chance for personal interaction. In addition to that, students are at ease and don’t feel claustrophobic.
  • Proper schedule: Eden IAS provides its students with a proper schedule beforehand. This schedule has been intensively and comprehensively designed so that the students can figure out the approach this course has for GS-IV.
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Special emphasis on case studies

The toughest part of the Ethics paper is case studies. These application-based Ethics Syllabus case studies by UPSC deter the aspirants from scoring decently in the Ethics paper. This affects their overall performance in the Mains examination and puts their chance of appearing for the personality test under great scrutiny. 

One of the objectives of this course is to make the students master the art of solving case studies that comprise almost 50% of the General Studies- IV and that too in a time-bound manner. As per Mr. Roychowdhary, there are multiple approaches to case studies. But he recommends a specific approach called the “10-step generic approach”. 

Get enrolled. In this course. To get a better understanding. Of case studies and the nitty and gritty of GS-IV. All the best!

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